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We are a team of Web 3.0 builders and marketers


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Who We Are

Our team consists of veteran media executives and marketers, bringing our expertise in digital marketing, media production and product strategy to help brands connect to Web 3.0 audiences.

Faster Development

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What We Do

Content Strategy & Content Marketing

We help you come out with a custom content strategy. We build multi-channel marketing campaign that helps you reach out to your intended Web 3.0 Audience.

Educational Content Production

We create informative and visual creatives across different formats for your social media channels. We help translate your product offerings into easy to understand content formats.

Learn and Earn

With our Learn and Earn, users get rewarded when they learn about your protocol and Web3 project. Acquire highly targeted users who are interested in your project.

NFT Strategy & Consultation

We help craft an NFT strategy for you. With our own NFT collection and community, we help you come out with a communication strategy and reach out to NFT enthusiasts.

NFT Smart Contract Deployment

We help brands audit and deploy their smart contract for their NFT, so that you can have a holistic and tailored smart contract solution for your NFT.

Our Portfolio

Here are a list of projects that we are involved in


Nexus is an online education platform that lets you learn about Blockchain technology while earning cryptocurrencies. Crypto exchanges & Web 3 protocols leverage on Nexus to reach out to targeted audience who are interested in learning about crypto.

Ongoing Protocol Campaign:

Enlightened Rats is a NFT collection of original artwork, created by our in house design team. Chain Debrief deployed the smart contract onto the Ethereum blockchain, and the collection was minted out in 1 minute during launch.

Each NFT holder is entitled to whitelist access to other projects, as well as access to Chain Debrief's suite of products.

Crypto exchanges and Web 3 protocols leverage on Chain Debrief's website to reach out to more users via editorial marketing. Article published on our website is also amplified via our social media channels such as Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Instagram and Facebook.

Chain Debrief co-organises MetaJam Asia, Singapore's first NFT and experiential festival. Held across 3 months in May 2022 - July 2022, MetaJam Asia features over 10,000 NFT showcases, hosts various NFT community meet-ups as well as organising a MetaJam Summit.


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Meet Our Team of Creatives

We are thinkers and doers, builders and blowers of bubbles. Our team is made up of a diverse set of creatives who work together to produce the most creative work.

Our Investors

What We’re Striving To Achieve

Chain Debrief believe that everyone deserves an ownership in the decentralized blockchain space and we're striving to make this possible.


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