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Lesson 3

• 5 mins

Polygon Developer Tools

Those that are familiar with Ethereum developer’s tool, can start straight away because all the tools are supported on Polygon. 

Some of the commonly used tools include OpenZeppelin, Remix, Alchemy, Hardhat, and Chainstack.


Alchemy is the best place for beginners to start learning about smart contracts. It is a one-stop-shop blockchain developer platform that allows developers to get the smart contract into the blockchain. 

Unlike other platforms out there, Alchemy is more than just a node provider. There are a lot of other function like Alchemy Build and Alchemy Monitor that helps to make developing a smoother experience. 


OpenZeppelin is the leading smart contract library that provides reusable and secure solidity smart contracts. It also provides a complete suite of security-related products for building decentralized applications. 

OpenZeppelin smart contracts are highly secured with a focus on smart contract security. The battle-tested open-source smart contracts are also trusted and used by the biggest players in the industry. 


Remix is a powerful open-source web IDE that allows developers to deploy and test smart contracts. It is one of the most beginner-friendly code editors out in the market because it has a great GUI for interacting with smart contracts.  

Remix not only manages a lot of developer tools but also integrates them seamlessly into the platform with a simple-to-use UI. While it is specifically designed for Ethereum, it can be used for developing on any EVM compatible blockchain. 


Hardhat is the next generation Ethereum tooling that is trusted by many top Web 3 developers. It is able to run Solidity locally without dealing with a live environment. It is also extremely flexible and able to integrate with the many tools in the market. 

Hardhat is also lightning fast and able to make development feedback loop up to 10x faster. Furthermore, it provides full native support for TypeScript and is able to catch mistakes before the code is live.   


Chainstack is an infrastructure provider that allows anyone to deploy, manage and scale blockchain applications. It comes with enterprise-grade security with secure node connections and key security best practices built-in. 

Chainstack is also multi-chain by design. It is a single point of access for all blockchain projects across any protocol. Besides that, it can be deployed anywhere and it doesn’t need to be on the Chainstack-managed cloud. 

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