Everyone who gambles online using crypto has thought about trying their hand at poker, the most popular card gambling game out there. Poker has the smallest edge in favor of the casino and players can win by playing strategically and paying attention to their opponents.

In this article, we’ll go over the best strategies for beginners that you can use at any of the crypto & Bitcoin poker sites, regardless of the size of your bets or who you’re playing against. None of these will guarantee a win, but they mean a lot especially when you use all of them.

Know the Hand Ranking

 The obvious first step in winning a game of poker is to have a firm understanding of the basic rules. You don’t want to have to think too much about what to do with your hand, once it’s dealt to. There are 10 possible hands you could have in a poker game, starting from no pair to Royal Flush.

Most Bitcoin poker sites provide this information to the players in the form of a tutorial or a set of rules. Players should know these before they actually start betting in the first place.

Start Betting With Low Stakes

 Bitcoin poker sites come in many shapes and sizes and this includes a great variety of bet sizes. The best way to go for a beginner in the game is to start playing on low-stakes sites. The gameplay, the odds, and the overall gameplay are the same as they would be for a bigger bet, but there’s less risk involved.

Many sites also allow players to play for tokens and simply learn without actually spending any money. However, playing for low stakes, but with real money, makes the game more real and mimics the experience you’ll have when you bet big.

Play Tight

 This is a concept that many new players have trouble with and it’s important to master it early on. Many amateurs play the game too widely and open too many hands. Instead, the best practice for a new player is to only bet on the hands they are reasonably sure they can win.

This still allows the players to bet aggressively and to raise their bets when they find it appropriate. The key is not to do it too often. That way the player can practice their discipline early on.

Find the Best Version

 There are a lot of different versions of poker and they differ in both the gameplay and the chances of winning. Players shouldn’t stick to Texas Hold’Em just because it’s the most popular version. It’s best to look for poker sites that provide a variety of versions and have your options open once you’re ready to change things up.

There’s also a big difference in speed and how dynamic the game is between different versions of poker. That’s something players should take into account since long gameplay has its downside and it can cause you to lose focus.

Remember How Important Position Is? 

When playing Texas Hold’em poker, your position at the table is of utmost importance. Bitcoin poker sites usually let the players choose a seat from one of the available ones based on when they apply for the game.  The position at the table determines how tightly a player should handle the game since it affects how many cards have been dealt previously.

EP- the first position and the one that requires the players to play tightly and to open with strong hands only.
MP – A somewhat better position allowing players to add more hands to their opening range.
CO – This is a much better position and the one that allows you to steal blinds.
BTN – The best position to get at a poker table. In this position, a player can open about 50 percent of their hands aggressively.
SB – Small blind can be used to open about 60 percent of the hands but it requires a complicated strategy not suitable for novice players.
BB – Big blind is the last position at the table. It puts players at a disadvantage, but it does mean you win automatically when everyone else folds.

Start With Just One Table

 Multiple table poker games are great and fun to play, but they are too demanding for novice users. Many new players try them out as a way to win big and at once, but chances are that you won’t be at your best at these tables.

Instead, start with one table only and with low stakes and move on from there as you’re ready to bet on bigger amounts. The winnings will increase incrementally and it will take longer, but it’s a safer and more responsible way to play poker.

Learn About the Odds

Poker isn’t a guessing game, the odds are pretty clearly defined based on how many cards are in the deck. A player should know the odds for each pot. This information is available online and the player should take the time to memorize it.

Here’s a quick list of how many outs you have to improve each hand depending on what’s in the pot:

  • Gutshot – 4 outs
  • Two overcards – 6 outs
  • Open-ended straight draw – 8 outs
  • Flush draw – 9 outs
  • Flush draw & gut-shot – 12 outs
  • Straight flush draw – 15 outs

These numbers can easily be turned into percentages telling what your chances of getting a better hand in a game of poker are.

Consider Your Opponent’s Hand 

Bitcoin poker sites provide an opportunity for players to gamble against real opponents in real-time. This is probably the most fun thing about a poker game – it’s a battle of minds. This concept is also somewhat difficult for novice players because they need to consider both their own hands and that of the opponent.

The main things to consider are:

·       The position your opponent has at the table.

·       How the opponents react after the flop.

·       The time the player takes to make a decision can be an indicator of how sure the opponent is in their hand.

Don’t Rely On Bluffs Too Much

 Bluffs are an important part of a poker game and crypto players should use it to their advantage, but it’s important not to overdo it. The bluff won’t get you out of a bad hand too many times, and competitors will notice if someone bluffs all the time.

In the end, the game is about using a strong hand and folding when your hand is bad. Novice players try to overcompensate by playing every hand like they have a winner and it can turn into a habit.


 Bitcoin poker sites are always popular with players because poker is a game of skill and these sites allow the players to bet against real opponents in real time. This is an opportunity to set up strategies and implement them to make actual profit in crypto.

Some of the strategies on our list are simple and others will require the player to learn and adapt, and most of practice. If you stick to the outline strategies and keep in mind that this is a methodical game, you’ll do fine. The winnings made in this manner are incremental but steady.