I was wondering how to do you size your portfolio – should I be putting most of my money in $LUNA and only allocate a certain % for these tokens?

I don’t think there are any guidelines for this, it is based on your risk tolerance! And everyone does things differently!

Having a comfortable portfolio will help you grow your money and have a good sleep. If the things you invest in are too risky for you then you will have a hard time sleeping also.

Personally, I am investing outside of crypto also, so my full investment portfolio exists more than crypto. If my full investment is in crypto I might allocate it differently also.

Large cap: > $10b
Mid cap: $1b to $10b
Small cap: < $1b

You can check token price and their market cap at https://coinmarketcap.com/

Here’s a few general rule of thumb:

  • 1) The larger the cap, the lesser the risk. Think of it as bluechip.
  • 2) Higher risk, higher return.

Here is an example of a lower risk crypto portfolio:

  • 20% BTC
  • 30% ETH
  • 20% Large Caps
  • 20% Mid Caps
  • 10% Small Caps

Here is an example of a higher risk crypto portfolio:

  • 10% BTC
  • 10% ETH
  • 40% Mid Caps
  • 20% Low Caps
  • 10% NFTs

What is most important is to have conviction in the things you invest in!


This response and article is contributed by community member Yeo Khee in our telegram community group.

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