Three Arrows Capital are back at it.

Just months after reportedly being on the run, Co-Founders Su Zhu and Kyle Davies started a new exchange, OPNX, a marketplace for crypto claims trading and derivatives.

Even then, the pair received an official reprimand by Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority for offering virtual asset exchange services without securing a regulatory license.

However, the Co-Founders, whose crypto empire collapsed early in 2022, have returned to the spotlight with a new project.

Christened “3AC Ventures”, their new endeavor is being launched as part of OPNX’s ecosystem as an official partner, with the official website noting that it is “focused on superior risk-adjusted returns without leverage”.

The announcement, released today (21st June) has already garnered a slew of negative responses on social media.

While their claims marketplace OPNX has generated impressive trade volume over the last few months, it seems that the general sentiment in Web3 for Three Arrows Capital is still negative.

Earlier this year, OPNX’s CEO took to Twitter to publicly call out some venture capital firms that denied backing the company.

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Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief