In recent years, the cryptocurrency industry has emerged as one of the most exciting and innovative fields, drawing attention from both seasoned professionals and newcomers. With its potential to revolutionize global finance and create lucrative income opportunities, it is no surprise that several people are looking to secure a job in the crypto space.

That said, it is not enough to be enthusiastic about venturing into the crypto industry; you require a profound understanding of the space, its intricate technologies, market trends, and the developing opportunities in the industry. Whether you are an experienced professional looking to launch a career in crypto or a newbie seeking to enter this dynamic industry, you need a solid crypto foundation to build a successful career.

In this article, we’ll be discussing five helpful resources that can equip you with the knowledge and skills to secure a crypto job.

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1. Learn Crypto – Getting To Know CryptoCurrency

If you are looking to launch a career in crypto,’s crypto course is an excellent way to get started. This course offers a deep dive into every facet of the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This course encompasses various cryptocurrency topics, ranging from the basics of blockchain and strategies for earning and trading crypto to how to build blockchain applications.

The course materials are simplified and divided into two modules, namely “What is Cryptocurrency” and “Cryptocurrency in Our World: Why More People Are Using Crypto”, with several short lessons in video format. In total, there are 8 lessons in this entire course, while the website provides a way for every learner to track their progress.

Once you complete all the lessons, there is a final test to assess your knowledge. The platform features a free Discord community where you can ask questions and meet other students.

The best part is’s courses are completely free. In fact, you are not required to create an account to access the learning materials. However, you need an account to save your progress and take the final test.

2. EdX & UC Berkeley – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

You can learn how Bitcoin and cryptocurrency work by enrolling in this course created by the Blockchain at Berkeley group and faculty from UC Berkeley. The course, which is available on online learning platform edX, is focused on Bitcoin, the technology backing the cryptocurrency, and the political motivations behind its creation.

The course is prepared in two paths; an instructor-led path and a self-paced path. For the former, the program is quite intensive, covering topics on wallets, mining, and blockchain hacking. While the paid track costs $99, there is also a free version of the course.

Expectedly, the paid track offers a certificate – upon course completion – and some other exclusive course content. The only downside of this course is that it primarily focuses on Bitcoin, with a shallow cover of other cryptocurrencies.

3. Udacity – Becoming a blockchain developer

Following a soft introduction to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, you should consider taking your crypto learning up a notch in order to secure a high-paying crypto job. A certificate in blockchain development, for example, will definitely place you amongst the “hotshots” in the industry. Fortunately, professional course platform Udacity offers an in-depth blockchain development course.

This program is scheduled to take place over a four-month period at a pace of 10 hours per week. Although the tuition cost of this course is on the high side at $1,436, the course’s intensiveness and the fact that it is instructor-led makes it somewhat worth the price. Moreover, the course covers a broad range of topics, including blockchain fundamentals, Ethereum smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps), and even a capstone project.

It is worth noting that, before taking on this blockchain development course, you must have a background in object-oriented programming, Javascript, and in using APIs. That said, you will have access to technical mentor support, GitHub code reviews, and a student community – to help boost your learning. 

Once you have completed this course program, you will receive a certificate of graduation from Udacity.

4. Blockchain Council – Certified Blockchain Developer

If you find Udacity’s blockchain development course a little too pricey, you can always seek low-cost alternatives with a similar course content. One of these options is Blockchain Council’s Certified Blockchain Developer course. The program consists of a 15-hour self-help content, with a tuition cost of $249.

This course has six divisions, including Blockchain, Ethereum, IPFS, Hyperledger, Solidity Smart Contract on Hyperledger Fabric, and R3 Corda. Meanwhile, it focuses on Ethereum-based technologies, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking to work with the Ethereum ecosystem and Ethereum-compatible protocols. 

Upon completing the course, you will receive a Certified Blockchain Developer certificate. 

5. Coursera – Blockchain Specialization

Another resource that you will find very helpful in launching a career in crypto is Coursera’s Blockchain Specialization. This course teaches you as a beginner to an advanced level of blockchain development. You will also learn how to create smart contracts and develop decentralized applications.

This course basically covers three major areas, including the concepts of blockchain cryptography, smart contracts design, and dApp development. After completing this course, you will receive a blockchain certification, which you can put on your CV.

Having a Coursera certificate on your resumé gives you the recognition to land a high-paying job in the cryptocurrency industry. What’s more, it is offered at a relatively cheaper cost of $39 per month.


As earlier said, the cryptocurrency industry is continuously expanding, offering several opportunities for individuals to earn an income. However, due to the ever-changing nature of cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies, it is imperative for one to keep their crypto knowledge up to date. 

Fortunately, most of the resources mentioned in this article can help you enhance your expertise in the crypto space. By expanding your skills and bolstering your resume, you will become a valuable asset in the employment market for crypto-related roles. Moreover, gaining additional and relevant certifications in your field will significantly increase your chances of landing your dream crypto job.

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[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your research before investing.]

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This article was written by Opeyemi Sule and edited by Yusoff Kim