Singapore based blockchain analytics platform, Nansen just made its first-ever acquisition. It acquired Ape Board, one of the top portfolio tracking platforms, for more than US$10 million.

The on-chain data platform plans to incorporate Ape Board’s portfolio tracking function into its offering. This would allow Nansen to create an “all-in-one super app”.

What is Ape Board?

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Image Credit: Ape Board

Ape Board is a cross-chain DeFi dashboard that allows users to have a holistic view of all their assets across 397 different protocols and 36 different networks.

Unlike other portfolio trackers out there, Ape Board allow users to bundle EVM and non-EVM wallets into a single profile and track it at the same time.

This feature is very convenient for users who have assets in other non-EVM compatible networks like Solana.

Detailed portfolio breakdown

ape board
Image Credit: Ape Board

Just by simply connecting your wallet to Ape Board, it would show you an overview of all the assets you own. This includes the current net worth of the portfolio, the amount of yield to be claimed and also the total debt.

Users will be able to view a full analysis done by Ape Board that compares the performance of the portfolio to the performance of BTC and ETH. It also breaks down the daily profit and loss of the user portfolio.

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Image Credit: Ape Board

Users who farm yield will also be able to see the breakdown of their position. It even shows the amount of fees earned by the liquidity pool.

It also shows the amount of impermanent loss caused by changes in the liquidity pool and also the value of the changes.

Ape Board also come with an NFT gallery that is currently under maintenance.

Ape Tools

Image Credit: Ape Board

Other than being just a portfolio tracker, Ape Board comes with its own unique Ape Tools that enable seamless navigating through the numerous DeFi protocols.

There are three different tools:

  1. Ape Radar
  2. Ape Bridge
  3. Ape Blender

Ape Radar is a yield farming dashboard that compares yield from a wide range of protocols. This makes yield farming so much easier because users can view all the farm’s APR and TVL all in one place. It also allows users to toggle between single stake, LP stake or both.

Ape Bridge is a simple tool that compares all the cross-chain bridges. It shows a list of bridges available to transfer assets from one network to another. It also includes the estimated wait time and the bridging fee.

At the time of writing, Ape Blender is under maintenance. Ape Blender is a tool that allows users to swap multiple different tokens into a single token with a click of a button. This help users save time from doing multiple swaps on the decentralized exchange.

[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief

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