In a world with many unethical crypto youtubers/influencers that only pump their own bag or do paid shills, it can be hard to find authentic content creators with no ulterior motive.

Popular influencers like cryptomanran and crypto banter have recently been exposed for using their fans as exit liquidity. To avoid following the wrong influencers, we have scanned the market and identified some underrated YouTubers.

Without further ado, here are the 5 underrated crypto YouTubers that you should follow:

1. Whiteboard Crypto

If you have been in Crypto for a while, you would have definitely come across Whiteboard crypto once or twice on YouTube.

Whiteboard Crypto is one of the few reliable DeFi education channels out there. It is a beginner-friendly channel that is focused on cryptocurrency education.

Whiteboard Crypto is definitely one of my go-to YouTube channels for crypto education as it is able to simplify complex projects and concepts using real-world analogies.

Whiteboard Crypto also come with some technical videos like how to create, deploy and sell generative NFT. They made the guide so simple that even someone with no coding background can also launch their own NFTs.

If you are interested in Whiteboard Crypto and all his other videos, you can check out his channel over here and his educational blog over here.

2. Finematics

Finematics is another beginner-friendly cryptocurrency educational channel that is similar to Whiteboard Crypto.

It is focused on breaking down complex concepts from the crypto space using simple stories and illustrations.

While the number of videos on Finematics has slowed down, there are still a lot of great videos that explain a number of important concepts like EIP1559 and Ethereum 2.0.

You can check out the YouTube channel over here and the Finemactics website over here.

3. The Calculator Guy

Image Credit: The Calculator Guy

Stephen is a blockchain Analyst that goes by the alias The Calculator Guy. His content largely focuses on yield farming strategies and he also makes yield calculators.

The Calculator Guy breakdown complicated yield farming strategies like pseudo delta neutral and DeFi option vaults in such a way that even beginners can understand. But his content can be very technical at times as he uses a lot of industry jargon.

This is by far one of my favourite The Calculator Guy video. He gave a detailed breakdown of his portfolio management strategy, what went wrong and what he should have done differently.

I like how transparent he is in the video and how he made it so that the community can learn from his mistakes. He even included an investment safety checklist that will help his viewers judge the risk level of the investment.

On Twitter, he would occasionally post new yield farming strategies and also highlight some stablecoin yield opportunities. He does not just blindly shill strategies as he would emphasize the underlying risks.

You can check out his channel over here and Twitter over here.

4. Taiki Maeda

Image Credit: Taiki Maeda

Similar to The Calculator Guy, Taiki Maeda is also a yield farming guy. He started his YouTube career by doing fundamental analysis on DeFi protocol.

He slowly transitions from doing just fundamental analysis to incorporating yield farming into his arsenal.

Currently, he does regular market updates and his view on how the market would play out. In his market update, he would also preach certain important must-have qualities to survive this space.

In the recent market update, he preaches about having an open mind. I think it is a very important value because many market participants are too narrow-minded and short-sighted. Being open-minded and accepting conflicting views is actually the first step to self-improvement.

You can check out his channel over here and his Twitter over here.

5. crv.mktcap

Image Credit: crv.mktcap

crv.mktcap as the name suggests, focuses on Curve protocol and everything about the Curve ecosystem.

On paper, Curve might seem like a simple protocol but deep down it is an ever-evolving ecosystem with many complex mechanisms.

crv.mktcap’s short and simple 2-minute length video gives a very good summary on what’s happening on Curve.

In my opinion, this hidden gem deserves way more attention as he covers one of the most important DeFi protocols that might make or break DeFi.

You can check out his channel over here and Twitter over here.

Bonus: Chain Debrief

A bit of self-shill here but if you haven’t watched our video, you should definitely check it out! We cover a range of topics from the hottest news to things you should watch out for.

We occasionally invite industry experts like Darius Sit, co-founder of QCP capital and Arthur Cheong, founding partner of DeFiance capital to share some potential alphas. We even have ex-CoinMarketCap VP and currently CEO of Spartan Labs, Shaun Heng

While the YouTubers on this list are more reliable compared to the many other influencers out there right now, it is also important to take their advice with a pinch of salt.

Always do your own due diligence and not just aped in because your favourite YouTubers say that the coin/NFT will 100x. Take some time out and learn about the Web 3.0 space and the potential it has to revolutionize the traditional environment.

[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief

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