Key Takeaways

  • JJ Lin joins Kiat Lim and Elroy Cheo in being the 3rd co-founder of ARC.
  • ARC aims to build a safer and values-based community where culture pushing creators and innovators come together to co-create, play and grow.
  • ARC utilises NFTs as a malleable tool to facilitate traditional and new businesses in reimaging the NFT membership model.


About ARC

ARC is Asia’s app-based NFT membership private platform, comprising a close-knit community of progressive innovators, creatives and thought-leaders. Built on the belief that community is the key to creating a future that excites and motivates everyone, it is driven by a people-focused vision of co-creation, connection, play and growth.

Unveiled earlier this year, ARC connects Web2 leaders, influencers and creatives with Web3 builders andb thought leaders in a community that plays grow and collaborates together.

Backed by an NFT membership, ARC provides members with the opportunity to network across social and professional communities co-create their membership utility with ARC’s global partners, and collaborate with members to launch new ventures.

Its utility NFT membership will give members opportunities to collaborate with a diverse community of talents, and co-create one-of-a-kind content and experiences with world-class partners.

The strategic move

Founders of ARC: Kiat Lim, JJ Lin and Elroy Cheo (Left to right)

On the 7th of July 2022, ARC welcomed music industry professional and entrepreneur, JJ Lin as its co-founder. With the strategic partnership between the 3 individuals, they aim to capitalize on their vast network of connections to create a leading NFT Brand in the Asian region where cryptocurrency adoption is the fastest and most rapid.

“We know that it is a tall order but as ARC, a collective, we feel that we have a good chance
of achieving this goal together,” said Kiat. Furthermore, Lin added “I’m excited to be a part of the ARC movement. It is the only community today that brings hugely diverse groups together with a very strong purpose of growing and co-creating.”

“The best thing about ARC is the growth mindset of learning and shaping ideas together,” Lin said in a statement. ARC claims that the musician is one of the first Asian celebrities to be closely associated with a Web3 project like himself. “I look forward to unveiling the next Asian creative venture to the world,” he said.

Find out more on their JJ Lin Announcement here.

Unfazed in spite of the bear

Despite the recent turn of events in crypto, causing a rather unenthusiastic sentiment in the market, ARC wanted to merge “all the great things that work in the Web2 world” and have an edge by honing web3 capabilities in creating inclusivity yet breaking down the traditional barriers.

According to Kiat, rather than replacing web2 with web3, they aim to bridge the two. He added that “We are really proud to be ‘Web2.5’ … we want to promote adoption from people who are not crypto natives.”

ARC Playgrounds

Credit: ARC

Known as playgrounds, members can access the ARC’s physical locations while being able to access the utility of the NFTs they own that may provide accessibility and other features. These include real-life spaces that serve as spaces for members to relax, play and connect with each other.

Community members may also get access to an exclusive range of utilities in collaboration with regional and global brands. This includes lifestyle access for Millennium Hotels & Resorts and lifestyle destination group Zouk Group to crypto research access from QCP Capital.

While the ARC NFT will be their first collection, it won’t be their last. Community members are prioritised and given access to mint future collections that are born or co-created from the community. Backed by an NFT membership, ARC is one of the few communities in the world that enables its members to co-create utility of their tokens.

Credit: ARC

The ARC team even hinted at exclusive experiences designed for the community with the merge of the physical and digital space, especially during the upcoming F1 season in Singapore.

ARC also aims to address concerns about the sustainability and legitimacy of Web3 projects. They do so by curating a group of well-recognized leaders and partners in the space along with linking membership tokens that are tied to specific member profiles.


“When you look at it through a traditional lens, we’re using technology for a fair use case…not because I’m over the top’. Am gonna slap the ‘Metaverse’ logo on it and say it for a high price.” Lim added. While no one knows what the future of the Metaverse holds, perhaps we have to see how the incorporation of real-world benefits will actually play out in driving value in making an NFT community a sustainable one in the long run.

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Featured Image Credit: Forbes