Hey Chain Debrief Community,

This week is just one hell of a ride. The market dipped as quickly as it pumped back up. I was so bearish about the overall market that I open a 20x leverage short position.

It was quite a degen move but everything went well for the first 2 days. But instead of taking profit and calling it a day, I decided to HODL and wait for it to dip even more.

Little did I expect the market to pump overnight and wipe out all my degen gains. My portfolio started bleeding and all I can do now is start praying for a reversal. I’m officially young, dumb, and broke. 💔

Anyway, if you missed the announcement, Optimism airdrop claims have officially begun. A number of our community members qualified for the airdrop and one of them even got as much as US$60k worth of Optimism tokens!

In other news, what the heck is going on with the NFT market???? Can someone explain to me how Goblintown, a free mint, went to 7 ETH FP??? 🤯

All the team does is meme around all day and make weird-ass goblin noise on their twitter space. My pea-sized brain can’t process what is going on and I’m starting to reevaluate how I value projects.

Hmmmm, maybe the Enlightened Rats team should start squeaking on their Twitter space. Squeak squeak! 🐭

— Gab from Chain Debrief

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