CitaDAO, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform for Real Estate, has successfully closed its $1 million Builders Round with participation from venture capital funds Sora Ventures, SNZ Capital, Turn Capital, and Origin Capital.

The round also included leaders of other successful blockchain and DeFi projects such as Synthetix, C.R.E.A.M Finance, Mercurial Finance, Manta Network, Kyber Network, Binance, MakerDAO, and Bitgo, as well as executives from the real estate industry such as Parmenion and CBRE.

Other strategic investors who participated in the round included individuals from MetaCartel Ventures and community.

The Builders Round was launched to accelerate CitaDAO’s talent acquisition plan and speed up the platform development. The contributors of the round have committed resources to scale the platform and grow the CitaDAO ecosystem of complementary products.

CitaDAO creates borderless, transparent, scalable, and easier access to real estate for the community by enabling the asset to be tokenized and transacted on-chain.

With DeFi gaining popularity over the past years, the ecosystem needs alternative sources of yield generation beyond the lending protocol and trading fees. Real estate is an asset that has a proven track record of value and real-world income stream that can provide an instrument with higher and more sustainable yields in the DeFi ecosystem. 

Joel Lin, founding member of, said, “We believe bringing real world assets on-chain is critical for the next phase of DeFi growth and adoption. Real Estate on-chain will transform DeFi and grow existing DeFi markets, such as collateralized loans, into a trillion-dollar TVL ecosystem.”

“CitaDAO team brings together the best real estate space and deep DeFi experience that shares the customer obsession mentality and passion for the DeFi ecosystem that we see in other successful projects in the space,” said Jason Fang, Managing Partner from Sora Ventures.

The CitaDAO team brings with it an exceptional mix of backgrounds in real estate and technology, as well as cryptocurrency. The team members are previously from UBS, CBRE, Uber, Amazon Web Services, Google, Binance, MakerDAO, CapitaLand, and Coinmarketcap.

About CitaDAO is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform for Real Estate to be tokenized on-chain, built on the Ethereum ecosystem. CitaDAO aims to solve the lack of liquidity, access limitation and lack of composability in existing real estate ecosystem by creating interoperability with other DeFi applications/primitives that operate on the Ethereum protocol. Real estate token allows the community to diversify their portfolio on-chain to generate stable yield through real world assets that have constant liquidity through AMM.

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