The fast-paced nature of crypto often makes staying on top of the latest news a difficult and arduous task. Apart from Twitter, Crypto podcasts on Youtube are next in keeping up with crypto. From interviews to summaries and analyses of market trends, it opens up a new avenue for all to learn and gather information in the most palatable manner.

Information is of paramount importance in crypto. Knowledge is key and whoever has it may have the upper edge in winning. After differentiating quality content from the noise, you start to realize the endless quality content accessible at your fingertips.

Here is a list of Youtube Channels we love.

1. Tascha Labs

Apart from volatile prices, taking a step back in looking at crypto with a macro lens may provide you with relevant macro news to aid your investment decisions.

Tascha’s content is skewed towards crypto market summaries, mostly debrief from major happenings in crypto. She disects elements of traditional finance and piece them together in a way that is relatable, if not relavent, for crypto natives.

Her background in Macroeconomics also shines consistently throughout every content she covers and is not afraid to venture beyond the major coins of crypto (BTC/ETH) but also deep dive into verticles within crypto like GameFi and tokenomics.

2. Up Only

Up Only brings on the the most influential people in the crypto space on their podcast. They provide the latest updates to current market trends sentiments as well as insights from industry experts.

Vitalik Buterin On Ethereum

Micheal Saylor on Bitcoin

One of the most essential podcasts in the space with a rare combination of entertainment accompanied with deep insights.

3. All-IN podcast

Not entirely crypto content, but relevant with the impacts of the global economy on the space. The All-In podcast sheds light in putting the “bigger picture” into perspectives with content revolving around the Macro environment factors like inflation and unemployment to real world updates of the Russia-Ukriane war.

4. Bankless Podcast

Bankless got to be the most versatile crypto channel. They cover various asepcts of crypto extensively, from NFTs to DeFi, they have various playlists for viewers to delve into the rabbit hole of crypto.

5. Empire Podcast

Built by Blockworks, Empire podcast provides insights from the top founders, investors and builders in the space. Jason’s a great interviewer, and the recent addition of Santi took the show to another level.

Whenever significant events happen in Crypto, I look forward to hearing their takes on the situations each week.

Closing thoughts

Immersing yourself in crypto goes beyond the cash grab within the space. It will involve consistent downloading of knowledge, which, not only could turn you into a better investor, but one with expanded knowledge within crypto and beyond the space. Along the way, you may even find yourself with deeper understanding and appreciation for crypto and how it may change the future of industries.

[Editor’s Note: This article is adapted from a thread by @thedefiedge on twitter and does not represent financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: ChainDebrief

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