NFTs and the metaverse were two of the biggest crypto themes of 2021, and are likely to continue generating more buzz and hype in 2022, as more projects spring up. 

Both crypto enthusiasts and those new to the space alike are now constantly on the hunt for new NFT projects to ape into, and the Cyber Galz NFT project is one that offers an interesting roadmap and benefits for holders.

What are the Cyber Galz?

Cyber Galz is a gynoid NFT content platform for cyberpunk and sci-fi enthusiasts, and the team behind it is committed to building a sci-fi metaverse playground that provides various forms of content, from digital art collections, comics, films, to a P2E game. 

The first generation of Cyber Galz NFTs consists of 9,999 digital art pieces with over 10 attribute types that are categorised into four rarity rankings. 

Cyber Galz follows the values of a culture of decentralisation and voluntary participation of people, agreeing hugely with the principles of ‘A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto’ presented by Erich Hughes. 

Hughes proposed an anonymous transaction system deployed with cryptography in order for individuals to defend their own privacy from centralised institutions, which ties in with the crypto currency system of preserving anonymity and privacy. 

These principles are also something that Cyber Galz follows, and the team believes that the NFT is a cultural movement for advocates of Cypherpunk. 

The Cyber Galz NFT is led by a team of 13 “professional geeks and freaks who are keen on cyberpunk and sci-fi content.”

The project is self-funded as it aims to create and develop the Cyber Galz NFT community bursting with creativity and fun against VC’s commercial intentions. 

Holders of the first generation of the Cyber Galz NFTs will get all-access passes to the NFT content platform, and community benefits. 

From digital art to comics, films and games, the Galz will each have individual stories and content under their own name in the Cyber Galz metaverse. 

Zero-gas crafting

NFT customisation is the key feature of Cyber Galz NFT. However, high gas fees are a problem that every Ethereum NFT can face. 

While maintaining user-friendly experiences for NFT minting and trading, customisation functions of Cyber Galz NFTs will be implemented on Immutable X layer-2. This will allow Cyber Galz holders to change some changeable attributes of their Galz NFTs with zero gas fees under the familiar UX for minting and trading.

Immutable X (IMX) is a layer-2 blockchain protocol for trading Ethereum NFTs that provides users with instant trade confirmation, massive scalability (9,000 transactions per second), and no gas fees while preserving user ownership.

Furthermore, Immutable X announced that the platform aims to achieve carbon neutrality for NFT minting, and Team Cyber Galz supports the’ movement for environmental sustainability. 

Membership perks for the community

According to the Cyber Galz team, NFT holders will be the foundation of its community and Galz’ world. The ultimate goal of the project is to make the metaverse more fun and attractive, and holders will be a part of the process.

Genesis Cyber Galz NFT will have membership perks, including all-access passes to its content platform and marketplace, where Galz-featuring content is to be published on a regular basis. 

The content format will be considerably varied and will include digital art collections, comics and either music or videos.

The project’s developers aim to create a story of each of the Galz, so each holder can enjoy discovering the story of their Galz. The team is also set to release a play-to-earn (P2E) game in Q2 of 2022.

NFT holders will also receive monthly subscription packages, which include new items and content, airdropped into their wallets, as long as they hold Cyber Galz NFTs.

The NFTs are customisable too

On top of the various benefits above, Galz NFT holders are able to change more than five attributes of the Galz to suit their tastes and preferences. 

While the fixed attributes of the Galz include the Skin, Body Modifications, Eyes, and Mouth, attributes that can be customised include the Background, Weapons, Hair, Facewear, Clothing, and other Exclusive Items. 

After the minting, holders can connect their wallet to the official Cyber Galz to add and remove changeable items upon their preferences. They can also trade these changeable items on the Galz marketplace.

“As a team of NFT enthusiasts – with hundreds of NFTs in our wallet in total – we want our holders to take our Galz NFTs for their pleasure of owning NFTs,” said Eddie, the Chief Executive Officer of the Cyber Galz project. 

NFT holders can also change their Galz looks based on the new item drops alongside the project’s content releases. 

The team is also planning to host pop-up events related to the customisation feature, which allows Cyber Galz to have more opportunities to collaborate with link-minded creators. The team can then make these creators’ collections a part of the NFT. 

The drop, roadmap, and future plans 

The genesis NFT minting is expected to happen in January 2022. 

The NFT will go for 0.2 ETH each, and details on the minting plan will be announced via official communication channels. 

The first phase of the project will also commence in Q1 of 2022, and NFT holders can expect drops of special items, merch redemptions. The prologue of the first webcomics series has also been released, and community members are eagerly awaiting the next episode. 

Phase two will feature the launch of the Galz governance, content platform, and more comics series. The P2E game will also be released, with special items drop events for holders. 

Find out more about the Cyber Galz NFT here

This article was written in collaboration with Cyber Galz.