NFTs have been dominating the news in the crypto industry this year, and Southeast Asia’s top Esports organization EVOS Esports has also joined the hype. It has collaborated with NFT generative project Uninterested Unicorns, and has a customized 1/1 NFT. This also marks the first ever Esports and NFT collaboration in Asia.  

Here’s a look at the NFT project:

These unicorns NFT will be available for public minting on the 14th of September 12am SGT at 0.048 ETH per mint. A total of 6900 unique NFTs will be created, and will be sold via the Ethereum blockchain and traded on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace.

What’s unique about the NFT project

This NFT collection is the first collaboration between an Asia based Esports company with an NFT company. The Esports organization, EVOS is also one of the largest Esports organization in Asia, with a strong community and fan base in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and more.

EVOS also holds multiple world championship titles in Mobile Legends, Free Fire and League of Legends: Wild Rift, and has a combined following of over 100 million fans across all social media and over 500 million views monthly.

With a strong community base, NFT collectors and EVOS’ fans will be able to sustain and grow the Uninterested Unicorns NFT community.

“Our goal is to introduce the esports and gaming audience to the NFT space, through this innovative first collaboration between EVOS Esports and our Uninterested Unicorns,” said Terence Ting.

Ivan Yeo, chairman of EVOS Esports, said: “We are always exploring new spaces and the NFT space is definitely an area which is extremely interesting and the work done at Uninterested Unicorns goes inline of our goals at EVOS Esports.”

There is also a robust team and roadmap for Uninterested Unicorns, making it a worthwhile NFT to collect.

Image Credit: Uninterested Unicorns

If you are interested to find out more, you can visit the official website.

Featured Image Credit: EVOS Esports

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