South China Morning Post, one of Hong Kong’s leading English-language newspapers, will issue non fungible tokens (NFTs), according to a white paper released by the company.

According to the white paper, SCMP wants to create a “standard for recording accounts of history and historical assets on the blockchain”.

These NFTs will be called ARTIFACTS, and anyone will be able to discover and collect these NFTs when it is launched. An ARTIFACT can include many types of assets, such as a news story, a newspaper cover page, a photo, a video clip, an audio clip, or a digital recreation of a historic object.

“Blockchain offers immense potential to immutably preserve journalism that witnesses and explains history,” said Gary Liu, chief executive of the Post.

“The ARTIFACT project is an opportunity to discover, collect, showcase, trade, and reanimate meaningful moments and objects from our collective human experience, and we are excited to introduce this standard to the world,” he added.

SCMP NFT – Image Credit: SCMP

SCMP also has plans to create exclusive NFT drops to celebrate significant moments in history. SCMP NFTs will be tradeable on an NFT marketplace. SCMP has not announced which NFT marketplace it will be partnering with.

“In the short term, we will partner with third party marketplaces to provide our collectors with trade opportunities, while we work towards creating an open, multi-chain marketplace specifically designed for the collection and exchange of tokenized historical assets.”

While SCMP has published the whitepaper, there is a disclaimer that says that it is for information and discussion purposes, and there will be no guarantee that the NFT project will be delivered.

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