Do you have Harmony ONE tokens just idling in your wallet? Why not maximize your gains by staking them in the meantime?

Staking them helps to strengthen the network security, while earning you rewards at the same time.

In this article, we explore the different ways we can earn additional rewards by staking our Harmony One tokens.

How to stake Harmony ONE tokens?

To stake your ONE tokens, you need to first create a Harmony One wallet, and transfer your ONE tokens over.

Harmony ONE staking
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Next, go to the Harmony One staking website, and choose between the list of validators available. The overall expected returns from staking is about 10% a year, but there are variances between validators.

I typically choose validators that I recognize as active and involved in the community. Other factors that I also consider are their uptime, and their commissions.

Do note that you need to delegate a minimum of 100 ONEs for staking. If you do decide to unstake, you will need to wait through seven epochs to retrieve your ONE tokens.

Liquid staking Harmony ONE tokens

Typically when you stake your One tokens, you will be unable to access them any further. They will be delegated to the validator, until you decide to undelegate them.

With liquid staking, however, you can do much more with your One tokens.

Tranquil Finance offers stONE, a liquid staking derivative. This allows users to stake their ONE tokens with validators, helping secure the network and earn staking rewards. 

Harmony One Staking
Image Credit: Tranquil Finance

One benefit of liquid staking tokens is the auto-compounding of staking rewards, allowing for convenient compounding of rewards. This is in contrast to traditional staking, where you will have to manually collect and re-delegate rewards to compound.

Another benefit of liquid staking that DeFi enthusiasts love is its many use cases — stONE can be also used in DeFi applications to earn additional rewards on top of staking rewards.

Harmony One Staking Tranquil Finance
Image Credit: Tranquil Finance

For example, you can use it as collateral to borrow money from, or simply supply it to earn about 8% APY at Tranquil Finance.

Harmony One Staking Tranquil Finance
Image Credit: Tranquil Finance

You can also provide liquidity for the stONE-ONE LP, earning additional LP fees as well as incentives.

Another benefit is also the ability to swap stONE for ONE using the LP to skip the undelegation waiting time, if you need funds urgently.

Harmony One Staking Tranquil Finance
Image Credit: Tranquil Finance

To receive your stOne liquid staking tokens, simply stake your One tokens and receive stOne in return, based on the prevailing exchange rates.


If you have some ONE tokens in your exchange or wallet, you should consider staking them.

This is especially so for people who are bullish on Harmony as it helps to secure the network transactions, and earns you additional One tokens with no impermanent losses.

Whether you prefer traditional staking methods, or liquid staking options, there is something for everyone. Starting staking and earning additional rewards today!

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