Jam, the first dApp introducing the concept of “Friends Token” to Lens and Farcaster.

Just like Friend.tech, this feature will enable users to purchase and trade shares of content creators and their posts directly within the social dApps. But that’s not all; users will also have the ability to trade shares of the actual content itself.

Launched in 2022, Jam quickly gained popularity and now stands as the second most widely used client on Farcaster, just trailing behind the default client Warpcast.

The whitelist application for beta testing will be open starting from August 28. 

Jam Token will be airdropped to foster a thriving creator community, incentivize creators from various communities including Lens and Farcaster.

Friend.tech users will also be part of this airdrop initiative, and other Web3 Social Communities in the future to build a better creator community.    

Additionally, Jam will unveil its proprietary DAO token in the future, allowing the community to actively partake in governance initiatives.

For more information, please visit Jam.so

About Jam:
Jam is a community-driven Web3 Social dApp, with the primary objective of fostering the creator economy, incentivizing content creators within Web3 social networks, and spearheading the advancement and innovation of decentralized social networks.

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Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief