Kaito, an AI-powered crypto search engine, has announced the successful completion of its $5.5 million Series-A funding round, led by Superscrypt and Spartan.

This follows a $5.3 million funding round announced in February 2023, led by Dragonfly, bringing its cumulative funding to date to over $10 million.

“The crypto community has long desired a search engine capable of indexing information scattered across numerous private silos, such as Discord and Telegram, as well as data on the blockchain, both of which are unreachable through traditional search engines like Google,” said Yu Hu, Founder and CEO of Kaito.

“While ChatGPT is a powerful language model, it inherently lacks access to real-time crypto data. Even with plugins, ChatGPT today does not connect to many off-chain crypto-specific information silos or on-chain data, thereby unable to meet people’s needs in the space.”

To address this issue, Kaito is combining the best of both worlds: real-time data from its proprietary crypto search engine and the capabilities of advanced LLMs.

Through this industry’s first LLM-based search engine, Kaito aims to provide a transformative experience for the 300 million crypto users to engage with information on and around the blockchain.

“Accessing web3 today is difficult: information and content are spread across different forms and multiple platforms that traditional search engines struggle to collate.

Kaito has been building an intuitive web3 search engine that filters out the noise and provides clear signals on just about any web3 topic,” said Kishore Bhatia, Partner at Superscrypt. “It has quickly become an integral tool that we rely on daily, and we’re excited to support them as they roll out their search engine to the crypto community.”

Founded in March 2022, Kaito has assembled one of the strongest and largest AI teams in the crypto space. According to its website, Kaito utilizes cutting-edge Auto-GPT technologies and advanced LLMs like GPT4. In the future, Kaito intends to bring state-of-the-art AI technologies to a wide range of crypto infrastructure and applications, including LLM-based data labeling, privacy-protected ML training, content distribution, fact-checking, and trading optimization.

Kaito’s LLM-based search engine recently released its beta test to 35,000 waitlisted users on 20 June. Users can register for the waitlist via their website at www.kaito.ai.

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Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief