Curve Finance Quiz

You’ve made it to the end of the course! Now is the time to test your knowledge of what you have learned. First 100 submissions with a 100% score on the quiz will be eligible for $10 worth of CRV tokens. Let’s get started!

How To Start Yield Farming on Curve

First, head to the Curve.fi – Pools page to look at the list of available Curve pools. 2. Next, connect your wallet to the Curve pools platform. Curve accepts most crypto wallets including MetaMask, Frame, Trezor, and Ledger. 3. If you want to start Yield Farming on Curve, you need to select a pool to provide liquidity. The Pools page […]

Curve V2

Curve V2 allows for non-pegged assets to be paired. This would mean not needing to pair stablecoins on Curve or pegged assets like ETH and sETH but doing so in pools with different price ranges. This gave birth to the Tri-Crypto Pool, which holds, BTC, ETH and USDT. Unlike stablecoin pegging, none of the three […]

Curve Wars

Permissionless Pool To understand what are the contributors to Curve wars, you have to first know the components of it, consisting of a permissionless pool. Curve finance created a permissionless factory pool for users to create liquidity pools connecting to their projects while inheriting the liquidity on Curve Fiance. Each pool will have a portion […]

Unique Liquidity Pools On Curve

3pool on Curve Curve’s 3pool is commonly knowns as the Tri-Pool. This pool holds a massive amount of liquidity of the three top stablecoins in DeFi, USDT, USDC and DAI. The combination of deep liquidity and Curve’s optimizations would result in the most capital-efficient way for swapping the mentioned stablecoins. The 3Pool brings liquidity to […]

Curve Token (CRV)

CRV Tokenomics Released in August 2020, the CRV token is the utility and governance ERC-20 token of CurveDAO which is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) running the Curve protocol. CRV-bearing users have the right to vote in the governance of the protocol regarding the voting weight proportional to lock time. When providing tokens in Liquidity […]

How Does Curve Finance Work?

Curve works using its AMM protocol to facilitate trades. Liquidity pools(LP) are used to determine the price of an asset. These LPs are smart contracts which allow trades to occur without the need for an order book. Smart Contract – A smart contract is a procedure that manages the contract’s terms and conditions and stores […]

What is Curve Finance

Introduction to Curve Finance Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange for trading cryptocurrency that focuses on efficient stablecoin trading. Curve’s focus on stablecoins allows investors to avoid more volatile crypto assets. Curve Finance is also an automated market maker (AMM) that maintains low fees and slippage through the use of liquidity pools. The main difference between Curve and other AMMs, like Uniswap, […]

A Dummy Guide to Withdrawing and Swapping BNB

The first step into the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem is by withdrawing BNB out of the centralized exchange.  For this example, we will be using FTX to transfer BNB into Metamask.  Step 1: Ensure your Metamask is connected to the Binance Smart Chain. By default, Metamask is not connected to the Binance Smart Chain. To add […]

The Binance Ecosystem Quiz

Well done going through all the lessons! Now, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Rewards Details: The first 20 submissions with 100% score on the quiz will get an airdrop of $15 worth of BNB each. The following 30 submissions with 100% score on the quiz will get an airdrop of $10 […]

Binance Bridge

Traditional blockchains are not flexible enough. They can’t connect with each other. For example, if you make a Bitcoin transaction, the Ethereum blockchain will not be able to record that transaction and won’t know that the transaction took place.  In order to solve this problem, Binance introduced the Binance Bridge Project. What is the Binance […]

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