Spanning three months, Metajam Summit brought the world of NFTs closer by creating an immersive yet insightful space for all enthusiasts and those curious about the development of Web 3.0. The aim was to provide an inclusive, interactive and immersive learning experience for the general public as well as existing communities in Singapore.

Not only was Metajam Singapore’s very first digital art and experiential festival, but they also hosted various industry leaders like TaschaLabs as well as multiple NFT networking nights inclusive of one hosting all #BAYC holders of Singapore.

Metajam Summit 2022

Happening from the 26th to the 28th of July 2022, MetaJam Asia’s very first phygital summit will showcase a line-up of keynote speeches, debates, and sharing workshops hosted by leading personnel and speakers from the region’s Web3.0 space.

There will be a limited number of physical access slots which gives access to networking and Q&A sessions with the leaders, those who capitalize on this opportunity may be able to tap on insights virtual access is limited to.

Metajam summit is notably different from those of the past. We are currently experiencing “crypto winter” which saw trillions of dollars flowing out of the crypto market proving the lack of enthusiasm in the space. The market downturn stretched crypto holders as a true test of their conviction in the space.

However, the long-term fundamentals of what crypto is here to solve for the future remain intact. Metajam summit aims to educate more Web 2 / Web 2.5 audiences on the possibility and opportunity of the Web 3 space.

Tickets for the three-day summit are now available.

Metajam Summit Speakers

One of the most exciting parts of the summit is the speakers. Across various components of Web3 and the NFT space, speakers are handpicked to create worthwhile discussions and bring to the table fresh insights amidst the dull market climate.

Be expected to immerse yourself in hearing what industry leaders across the NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse and Web3 space have to say about crypto. The panellist includes CEOs and founders of the biggest blockchains as well as leaders of various venture capital firms in the space.

Marouen Zelleg, Director of ConsenSys

Unlocking Web3 and building the digital economy of tomorrow with the director of ConsenSys, Marouen Zelleg. ConsenSys is the leading Ethereum blockchain software company behind MetaMask, Infura, ConsenSys Diligence, Truffle, Codefi. Enabling developers, enterprises, and people worldwide to build next-generation applications, launch modern financial infrastructure, and access the decentralized web.

With vast amounts of tech solutions and consulting experience under his belt, he is sure to bring fresh insights into finding out how businesses can use web3 to gain a competitive edge on day 3 of Metajam Summit.

Jack Neiwold, CEO and Founder of Crypto Pragmatist

Founder of Crypto Pragmatist, Jack Niewold is a notable leader on Twitter for insightful threads (as seen above) and also the founder of crypto pragmatist, a cryptocurrency newsletter founded on the simple idea of creating unbiased, institutional-grade altcoin research and analysis.

DeFi plays a pivotal role in crypto, regardless of its underwhelming performance during the bear, Metajam Summit will host Jack in a discussion of the current state of DeFi and what is stopping people from entering this space. As a participant of the DeFi space myself, I would personally want to hear Jack’s two cents on the space based on his data-backed financial research products on cryptocurrency altcoins.

Darius Sit, Co-Founder of QCP Capital

Another speaker within the crypto VC (Venture Capitals) space to look out for is the CEO of QCP Capital, Darius Sit.

Since its founding in 2017, VCs have witnessed the potential of crypto assets to transform financial markets and the world at large. They play a crucial role in supporting builders and innovators in the space, powering them with liquidity and scale.

Along with QCP Capital’s aim in bridging crypto ecosystems, I will be curious to hear his views on crypto’s cycle of progress and how to shape a better financial system for generations to come. The rise of crypto derivatives products may also be another topic of 2022 that the team at QCP Capital will not be shy to share insights on.

While the current climate of crypto has dampened enthusiasm in the space, those who recognize the long-term play could reap the fruit of its limitless opportunity. I would also expect the panellist to give their views on the current state of crypto, whether it is here to stay for the future and what will instigate the next wave of crypto adoption.

In addition, the agenda is curated with the intention of having a mix of industry insights and how-to guides. This ranges from leaders speaking on crypto regulation, a prevalent aspect of crypto, to discussions on how new aspiring projects can successfully build their marketing and community.

Find out more on the entire list of Matajam Speakers here.

The Agenda

Day 1 – Navigating The World Of NFTs

Kickstarting the summit will be the navigation of the world of NFTs and how it all started during the NFT boom last year. We also explore how the NFT space revolutionizes music, real estate and the creative industry and navigate the risk associated with NFTs in the current crypto climate.

The latter part of Day 1 will be suitable for those keen on starting their NFT projects. Hear about the biggest takeaways from the current NFT projects as well as how to market and build a community around a successful project.

Day 2 – Navigating The World of DeFi, GameFi and The Metaverse

The world of DeFi, GameFi and the Metaverse will have a revolutionary place in the future of finance. The turmoil in these spaces in recent times has come as a blur to many, especially when the falling price action equates to negative connotations of its performances.

Those components are cornerstones in crypto and the speakers, who are builders and contributors in those areas, will delve deeper into the hidden potential and what will instigate the next wave of adoption in crypto.

Day 3 – The Future Of Web3

The final day will cover multiple areas in the future of Web3. Firstly, the infiltration of existing industries in the telecommunication space and how there is a rising trend in crypto within social media. The future of Web3 will also include identifying opportunities using data and analytical tools, advances in regulation in the crypto space and lastly, how businesses can utilize web3 technology in gaining a competitive edge.


The array of content Metajam summit covers is meant to deliver essential insights to new investors to veterans of the space. At the crux of it, the roundup also aims to show how the big players in the space are re-examining their businesses during the current market climate and how it forces retail investors to take a harder look into their investments.

Metajam summit also offers us a glimpse into the minds of these industry leaders and how we can play a part in building towards a world of crypto adoption along with positive developments and real-world use cases in solving real-world issues. Ultimately, Metajam summit aims to educate more Web 2 / Web 2.5 audiences on the possibility and opportunity of the Web3 space.

[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief