Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have exploded in popularity in 2021. The hype is projected to grow in 2022 with many new promising projects popping up.

With hundreds and hundreds of NFT projects being announced every other day, it is a real challenge to differentiate alphas from scam.

The MIRL NFT project is one to look out for as it offers an interesting roadmap and many benefits for holders.

What is MIRL?

Image Credit: MIRL

MIRL is short for Made In Real Life, and is the first-ever decentralized fashion brand in the metaverse. The goal is to combat the multiple issues faced by traditional fashion industry and build Web 3.0’s first fashion brand.

The first generation of MIRL’s NFT collection consists of 8,888 uniquely generated digital art pieces. It is one-of-a-kind, and no two NFTs will ever look the same.

NFT holders can expect to receive one-of-kind physical wearable designed and produced in house by the very talented team behind MIRL.

Needless to say, like many NFT projects, MIRL genesis holders will receive all-access passes to the NFT content platform, and community benefits.

The e-store and DAO

Image Credit: MIRL

An e-store will be launched to allow NFT collectors to fashion their very own basic apparel with NFT that they own.

For instance, a user who owns a MAYC (Mutant Ape Yacht Club) is able to incorporate the NFT into the design of the windbreaker through the e-store.

Every purchase from the e-store will qualify for a POP (proof of purchase) NFT. POP holders will have access to second-tier privileges and this help to bootstrap the community from a mere 8,888 to over 60,000.

To embody the spirit of decentralisation, a DAO will be formed where MIRL community members will be able to pass proposals, vote and shape the future of MIRL.

MIRL DAO members will get to vote on which design proposal they like to make into a new collection. The new collection would then be sold via MIRL with exclusive quantities for MIRL genesis NFTs holders and POP holders.

In addition, DAO members will receive royalty proceeds from secondary NFT sales as well as the e-store sales and collection partnerships.

Fashion incubator

Image Credit: MIRL

The MIRL incubator was started to provide new aspiring designers & artists with the tools they need to survive in the harsh and competitive creative industry.

The MIRL flagship incubator programme, guided by the DAO, takes forward-thinking creators and gives them the opportunity to manifest their ideas into reality.

Currently, there are around 300 designers that have signed up for the incubation program.

MIRL tokenomics

Image Credit: MIRL

The project native token is $MIRL with a total supply of one billion tokens. The team and private sale token only account for 21% of the total supply and the rest goes to both the community and the development of the project.

10% of the total token supply will be airdropped to MIRL genesis NFT holders. It will be locked for the first 3 months and followed by an 8 month linear vesting period.

The tokenomic is well structured as there is a fair distribution of tokens between the team and the community. Furthermore, the token distribution comes with a long and gradual cliffing period of up to 24 months.

The $MIRL token will be primarily used as currency within the ecosystem. For example, a user who wants to purchase physical wearables has to pay via $MIRL instead of using fiat.

The designers and partnerships

Image Credit: MIRL

“With every handmade piece, JOANNALSM encapsulates a story; one that is only and fully yours.”

The lead designer is none other than JOANNALSM (pronounced as JOANNA-L-S-M) an up-and-coming fashion brand by Joanna Lim. She aims to break the mould by constantly challenging the norm and embody the distinct style of every wearer.

Image Credit: MIRL

Leslie Teo AKA Misled Lotus is a digital illustrator and also the co-designer of MIRL. Based in Melbourne, his art focuses on galaxy themes and he designed all 152 backgrounds featured in MIRL genesis NFTs.

The project will also be partnering with other NFT/GameFi projects as well as centralised exchange (CEX). It has also secured as the official NFT marketplace partner.

Of course it doesn’t just stop there, the project has also secured partnerships with over 50 retail locations across the globe ranging from Asia all the way to North America.

The drop, roadmap, and future plans 

Image Credit: MIRL

The genesis NFT drop is expected to happen in Q1 of 2022. It includes the launch of wear to earn store and the native token $MIRL.

The team have yet to announce the minting plan but more details will soon be announced via official communication channels. 

There will be no public sale for the NFTs as all 8,888 genesis NFTs will only be sold to whitelisted members.

The first phase of the project will commence in Q2 of 2022, where the DAO will be launched and NFT holders will also be able to redeem their physical wearables.

Phase two will feature the launch of Metaverse Creative Festival, a MIRL invite-only app, the creative scholarship and even pop up show in Australia, London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Find out more about the MIRL NFT here

MIRL x EnRats

Image Credit: Chain Debrief

As part of our ongoing effort to deliver value to Chain Debrief’s EnRats holders, we’re so excited to announce our WL partnership with MIRL!

We are very bullish on MIRL because on top of the NFT, not only do you get a wearable, NFT holders are also airdropped the $MIRL token.

Furthermore, they are funded and backed by strategic investors. They have the expertise, access, and network to deliver on their utility.

We’re giving out a grand total of 50 whitelist spots for MIRL.

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