Just last week, Enlightened Rats held its very first NFT meet up and the only way in is by holding an Enlightened Rats. As an Enlightened Rats holder myself, I had the chance to enter this exclusive event.

The community meet up was by far a huge success. It saw a massive turnout of 120 Enrats holders and the entire bar was filled to the brim. It was actually great to take a break amidst all the chaos in the markets.

What is Enlightened Rats?

If you didn’t know, Enlightened Rats is Chain Debrief’s genesis NFT collection and the public mint was sold in under 5 minutes.

The 888 genesis NFTs allow its holder to gain:

  1. Exclusive access to Chain Debrief’s very own Pulse dashboard
  2. Whitelist access to partnered NFT collections
  3. Access to exclusive crypto events
  4. Real-world lifestyle product
Enrats landyard
Jacky’s Enlightened Rat #492

Mademoiselle Chen

Enlightened rats enrats wall
Enlightened Rats Feature Wall

The event was held at the one and only Mademoiselle Chen. The well-hidden gastro bar that lives in the heart of Singapore’s CBD was turned into the Enlightened’s lair.

The alleyway into the bar starred a number of legendary Enlightened Rats and even include a trip down the memory lane featuring the initial first draft of Enlightened Rats turning into what it is today.

The view from the bar is just simply spectaculous, it boasts a scenic view of the CBD. The food was declious but I think everyone can agree with me the the best of all is the free flow alcohol provided.

A night to remember

The event also saw a special guest star, Fakkah Fuzz. The outspoken standup comedian awed the crowd with his cross-cultural humour.

Fakkah also shared his rookie mistake where he aped into an NFT at ATH and it started to crash and burn. Guess he should have consulted the many NFT expert lurking in our NFT group chat.

If you’re keen, you can join our community group chat right over here.

The community spirit

To many, the highlight might be the standup by Fakkah Fuzz but the highlight for me is definitely the whole Enlightened Rats community.

For instance, one of the two lucky winners of Ledger decided to give his away because he already has a Ledger. If this is not an example of community spirit I don’t know what is.

Kudos to you good Ser!

It is really eye opening for me that an NFT project can gather people from different walk of life to celebrate something they are so passionate about.

The the heart of it all, this success was derived from the community. I even had the chance to talk to some of you that day and I’m glad that we were able to hit it off. The community will not be what it is today without you all.

I hope to meet the rest of the community at the next meet up 😊

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[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief

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