Looking for the next biggest NFT project almost seems like looking for a needle in a haystack.

With hundreds and hundreds of NFT projects being announced every other day, it almost seems like gambling for that one in a hundred alpha NFT.

But how do you really identify the crème de la crème of projects? We can’t say for sure but we can point you in the right direction.

Here in this article we look at some of the biggest NFT Influencers on Youtube and Twitter. As well as some of the projects that they have invested in.

[Editor’s Note: We strongly do not recommend that you buy every NFT shilled by influencers as some may be paid to shill them.]

1. Alex Becker (@zssbecker)

Alex Becker has a YouTube channel covering all types of crypto projects and has also recently switched his coverage to mostly NFTs.

Together with crypto Influencer @EllioTrades, the duo recently launched a NFT project Neo Tokyo Identities. They use an unorthodox method in the minting process, where investors have to whitelist by solving some riddles on their Discord and his Twitter before getting a chance to mint.

One of the cryptic tweets from Alex Becker on minting a Neo Tokyo Identity.

At the time of writing, the price floor for 1 Neo Tokyo NFT is 12.87 ETH (~USD55,000). He is also working on a new gaming NFT project at the moment.

2. EllioTrades (@elliotrades)

EllioTrades is the co-founder of Superfarm, a platform that allows users to launch and create NFTs with minimal coding. He runs EllioTrades Crypto, a channel that covers crypto and NFT topics.

EllioTrades prides himself in content that educates his followers, and at the same time building on the NFT space with hopes to simplify NFTs for the broader market.

EllioTrades on Bored Ape Yacht Club Collection

He invested in notable projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club pictured above which floor price is currently set at 48 ETH (~USD200,000).

3. Brett Malinowski (@thebrettway)

Brett Malinowski is an avid NFT enthusiast with a growing follower base of about 38,000 on YouTube, where he regularly posts about educational and news content.

His NFT recommendations are generally geared towards less well-known projects, and he also runs Mushroom Club NFT where members share their finds on the latest NFTs projects and get rewarded as well.

Jungle Freaks by TROSLEY

One of the projects he invested in was Jungle Freaks by Trosley, at peak it’s floor price was about 1-2ETH before dropping to 0.5ETH, when the artist’s past racist comics came to light.

4. RyandCrypto (@ryandcrypto)

RyandCrypto is an avid NFT Enthusiast similar to Brett, and talks about smaller NFTs projects. He shares insights on projects while also educating followers on potential scams and how to spot one.

5. JRNYCrypto (@JRNYcrypto)

JRNYCrypto is one of the biggest crypto channels on Youtube with about 600,000 subscribers. He shares and writes about the latest news on crypto, NFTs and altcoins.

He posts regularly with about 2-3 videos a week and talks about the latest insights in the NFT and crypto space.

In his latest video, he talks about why NFT trading volumes would be increasing in the coming days and which project you should look out for.

6. punk6529 (@punk6529)

punk6529 is a collector of NFTs and shares about his NFT collection opening on Opensea.io. He boasts of around 160,000 followers on Twitter, where all his tweets share an insight about latest happenings in the NFT space.

7. Pranksy (@Pranksy)

Pranksy is a NFT influencer and investor. Considered to be one of OG people in the NFT scene, her tweets cover news on the latest NFTs projects, and even her own project called NFTBoxes.

She works with designers and curate NFTs in “boxes” for investors to buy.

8. Zeneca_33 (@Zeneca_33)

As a NFT Enthusiast, @Zeneca_33 shares about NFT projects and has a strong Discord community discussing about NFTs.

He usually shares a daily sheet of project price floors where he tracks interesting NFT’s Projects. Check it out below:

Other notable influencers

Below is a list of notable Influencers in the NFTs space who are also interesting to look at as well:


This list in this article is not exhaustive. Social media has assisted the rise of NFTs and its seems some of these influencers will be here to stay, just like the NFTs themselves.

However, it is always important for you to ensure that you research enough about each project before investing into it. A lot of Investors have been burnt by just buying projects recommended by influencers.

If you are looking for a community where we share and discuss about NFT’s, check out our telegram group NFT Debrief.

[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: The Verge / Bitcoin News

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