Over the past few months, various non-fungible token (NFT) projects have sprouted, be it on the main Ethereum blockchain or on other newer blockchains such as Terra or Solana.

The hype has also spread to Singapore, with many artists launching their own NFT projects. Here are some interesting NFT projects launched and started by Singaporeans:

1. Uninterested Unicorns

Uninterested Unicorns is an NFT project launched by Singapore-based Nex10 Labs. It was first launched back in September and the full collection of 6900 unicorns were minted in hours after the project went live.

Beyond just owning the NFT, Uninterested Unicorns has other features for the NFT holders, including questing features which allows the NFT holders to earn UniCandy rewards or $UCD. The questing feature had gone live as per the team’s official roadmap.

The $UCD tokens earned by the NFT holders will also soon be tradable on a decentralized exchange. In the near future, the roadmap reveals that the team is working on an NFT game.

With a successful launch and a track record of delivering on their roadmaps so far, Uninterested Unicorns is definitely a project to watch.

2. Shogun Samurai

Another NFT project launched in Singapore is Shogun Samurai. Created by a few Singaporeans, Shogun Samurai is a collection of 8,888 randomly generated NFT Samurais on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Beyond just owning the NFT, the team plans to launch exclusive merchandise with the minted Samurais. The team had also purchased a Bored Ape Yatch Club NFT using the proceeds of the launch to be fractionalized in their community vault.

3. Tasty Toastys

Launched by a sibling duo in Singapore, Tasty Toastys is a collection of 7,600 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

As the name suggest, each Tasty Toasty comes in the form of a piece of toast, and the mint will happen on 13th November 2021.

As part of their roadmap, there will be giveaways of Cyberkongz, Pudgy Penguins and Cool Cats NFTs should the project be fully minted. The team is also working on their own merchandise and product lines after the NFT mint.

4. Dark Zodiac

Dark Zodiac is a non-generative NFT collectible project inspired by the Chinese Zodiac folklore.

There is a limited supply of 3876 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain as part of its first series. The collection is conceptualized by a Singapore-based 2D / 3D artist.

The creator of the collection is working on the second series of the NFT.

5. Love is Love by Shavonne Wong

Shavonne Wong is a prominent figure in the NFT space. This is evident in Vogue Asia featuring Shavonne’s NFT on its cover, making Shavonne’s NFT one of the few NFTs to have made a magazine cover.

As a 3D virtual model creator, Shavonne is launching her own upcoming collection called Love is Love.

What is interesting about the project other than the fact that the creator is a well known NFT artist, is that the project is minter-influenced and minters are given choices to mint the style of the NFT they want.

According to the website, minters will be able to create the image of love that represents their version of it. “Variables that you will have the option to choose from includes gender and sexuality. Make your selections and your mint will be generated according to the combination.

The mint will take place on 5th November.

7. Red Eyed Space Toads

Outside of the Ethereum blockchain, Red Space Toads is a collection of 6900 toads on the Terra blockchain. The collection is launched by serial entrepreneur Crystal Cheng and her team, and the public mint will be happening on 6th November.

The mint adopts an interesting model — there are two pronged, the first 2000 toads are evolved from 10000 tadpoles NFTs which are free to mint. The rest of the 4900 toads can then also be minted from the website on 6th November.

According to the roadmap, once the project is fully minted, the team will be launching a league game platform.

The rise of NFTs

Transaction volumes of NFTs surpassed USD $2.1b in the first half of 2021 alone. The unprecedented rise of NFTs has opened the floodgates for thousands of new digital art projects on Ethereum with celebrities and even institutions scrambling to get a piece of the NFT pie.

These Singaporean NFT artists and projects are poised to set the tone for a fast-growing NFT scene in Singapore, and we can expect even more exciting projects to surface soon.

Featured Image Credit: WonderWall

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