Those that have been trading NFTs would know the frustration of rarity traits. Different rarity tools would reflect different results as there is no set standard to follow. Users often have to reference the NFT website for an accurate rarity list.

All these frustrations will be a thing of the past as OpenSea collaborated with Curio, and PROOF to develop OpenRarity.

OpenRarity is an open-source, community-built project that aims to improve how rarity traits are organised in this confusing space and provide consistent rarity ranks across the entire NFT community.

This would help to promote transparency and openness across the NFT ecosystem and also mathematically sound rarity calculation that would help drive the ecosystem in the right direction.

“We hope that OpenRarity starts the process of demystifying & standardizing rarity calculations and kickstarts a broader conversation about the factors that matter when participating within the NFT space.”


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Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief