The Nanyang Technological University, ranked 19th in the World University Rankings, has announced a partnership with leading blockchain, Algorand.

This comes as part of Algorand’s Centre of Excellence (ACE), a $50 million fund for top universities and research universities. The funds will be used to advance blockchain technology further in various regions.

Other institutions included are the Technical University of Munich, Monash University in Australia, and Yale.

ACE@NTU will help the unviersity become the “nexus for blockchain education and research as well as foster a vibrant ecosystem” the university said is a press release.

There will be five initial blockchain research projects, including:

  • SGverse – metaverse platform
  • Two projects on blockchain interpretation for enterprise use
  • Blockchain-powered machine learning for financial data management

NTU will also “look to nurture new talents” through a new Master of Science in Blockchain and a Minor in Blockchain for undergraduates.

The university was the only lead organization in Asia to be selected for ACE.

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Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief