Pendle Finance, a DeFi traiblazer at the forefront of liquidity and interest rate derivatives, has proudly announced its strategic expansion onto the Optimism Network. With the honor of being an Optimism Grants finalist, Pendle is poised to bring its cutting-edge solutions to a new realm, starting with the launch of wstETH and Rocket Pool rETH pools.

Their latest move onto the Optimism network is set to catalyze growth in two pivotal dimensions:

  1. Empowering the LSDFi economy: Building upon the successful blueprint forged on Arbitrum and BNB Chain, Pendle aims to seed and nurture the LSDfi economy within the Optimism ecosystem.
  2.  Pioneering Traditional Finance Integration: Pendle’s expansion isn’t just confined to the crypto world. By laying a strong foundation on Optimism, the platform is gearing up to onboard the colossal $500 trillion interest-rate derivatives market from traditional finance (TradFi). Their latest release, Pendle Earn, is specially designed to simplify and democratize the access to DeFi yields for the masses.

These strategic steps position Pendle as a bridge between the cutting-edge crypto realm and the vast landscape of traditional finance instruments.

“Optimism already has an ecosystem of complex traders and financial tools, ripe for Pendle to hop in and introduce yield-trading to the already vibrant derivatives space.” Pendle’s head of growth, Dan, told Chain Debrief.

ETH staking yields, often hailed as the “risk-free rate” of the crypto sphere, now present a realm of possibilities with Pendle.

Their innovative platform equips users with the tools to speculate, trade, and hedge these yields, providing a nimble way to seize opportunities amidst market volatility. Importantly, Pendle’s architecture offers users a multiplicity of paths, empowering them to forge strategies that align with their unique goals.

“The potential of LSD and LSDfi stretches beyond Ethereum, and we’re excited to see how Pendle can make an impact and help nurture this ecosystem on Optimism,” said TN Lee, Co-Founder of Pendle.

This marks a monumental step toward realizing the full potential of wstETH and rETH on Pendle. As the platform continues its relentless pursuit of innovation, users can anticipate a dynamic landscape where liquidity and interest rate derivatives intertwine to create unprecedented opportunities.

Pendle Finance’s first foray into Optimism was done in partnership with Velodrome Finance, allowing users to earn incentivized yield on Pendle/wstETH. The protocol will also be partnering with Rocket Pool and Lido to continue growing Liquid Staking across Optimism.

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[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief