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GameFi is one of the major drivers of cryptocurrency adoption. The ability to earn just by playing games is every gamer’s dream. In 2021, nearly 50% of the active cryptocurrencies wallet are interacting with blockchain games. 

With so many games being announced every other day, it is a real challenge to differentiate a legit game from a cash grab. 

Poriverse is an NFT game that is worth keeping an eye out for as it is designed by a very experienced and established team. 

What is Poriverse?

Poriverse is the first Vietnam based NFT GameFi project backed by Polygon Studios. It is a high-quality 3D interactive play to earn game that is built for all ages. 

Image Credit: Poriverse

Unlike most play-to-earn games in the market, Poriverse chooses a different path in building their project. With the desire to have a game that is built by users and for users, Poriverse develops mechanisms to help protect users’ interests to the greatest extent:

  • Poriverse NEVER SELL any money-making NFTs (Porian). Instead, Porians are rewarded to ONLY THE FIRST 3000 IDO Whitelist Winners, these are the FIRST PEOPLE who can own Porian. Later users can only buy or rent Porians from them.
  • When getting an IDO whitelist slot ($360/slot), each user will receive 20,000 $RIKEN (100% TGE after IDO event) and a GACHA box which has 1 to 3 rewarded Porian from the system.
  • NFT renting technology was enable on-chain via smart contract to keep users from losing their Porians when putting for rent.

Other than the usual Player Vs Player and Player Vs Environment function, players are able to breed, sell, and rent Porian to earn in-game currency. Players can even join time-limited events and tournaments to win big rewards. 

Players will be able to stake its governance token, Riken, to earn special items. Only Porian teams with these special items equipped are able to explore the mystery areas of Poriverse. More rewards and benefits will be announced in the near future. 

Image Credit: Poriverse

There is an inbuilt lending mechanism in Poriverse where players will be able to lend and rent Porian. 

The ability to rent Porian significantly lowers the barrier of entry when starting out in Poriverse. This mechanism will help onboard newcomers into Poriverse and provide earning opportunities to anyone. 

As the NFT loan is governed by smart contracts, players who loan out their precious Porian will not have to worry about losing their Porian. 

The PORI marketplace is fully decentralized where players can trade assets for the in-game currency, RIGY. The marketplace is also designed in a way that gives back to the PORI community. 


Image Credit: Poriverse

Like most successful play-to-earn games out there, Poriverse also uses dual-token economics. 

Riken is the primary token of Poriverse and it is used as the governance token. Rigy on the other hand is the in-game currency.

Separating the two tokens helps to reduce the impact of the secondary market on the game. As the price fluctuation of the governance token would not affect the economic mechanism of the in-game token.

In the event that things go south and the price of the governance token crashes, it would not cause the whole in-game economy to collapse.

There is a total supply of one billion Riken tokens. The tokenomics is well structured, with the majority of the tokens (74%) going to the community. 

The team is clearly here to stay, as their tokens have a long and gradual vesting period of up to 24 months with a six-month cliff followed by a quarterly release. 

The upcoming Initial Dex Offering (IDO) will see 60 million Riken priced at US$ 0.018 per token. This will help the game generate approximately US$1.08 million to fund the game production.  

The team and partnerships 

Image Credit: Poriverse

“PORI is created with a straightforward principle: Community is the winner. All designed mechanics in our game are for every user to earn and win better, with a great amount of fairness.”

Luke Do, CEO Poriverse

The very experienced and established team is led by Luke Do, CEO of Poriverse. Luke himself has over 18 years of experience in software development and is well-known for his unique approach to innovation. 

The founding team has over 15 years of experience in developing games, ecosystems, brand platforms, and over 8 years in blockchain.  

“Together with Poriverse’s innovative and passionate team in blockchain and gaming, we expect to bring NFT games forward”

Sure Shivangi Pandey, partner success lead of Polygon Studios

The game is backed by Polygon Studios, the blockchain gaming arm of Polygon. Polygon Studios ecosystem includes highly loved games and NFT platforms like OpenSea, Aavegotchi and Decentraland. 

Roadmap and future plans

Image Credit: Poriverse

The first phase of the game, Chapter 1: Adventure Game – The Lost Porians – is scheduled to be released after the IDO. 

Players can start their play-to-earn journey right away with the idle game version. The ingame marketplace will be released shortly after to facilitate trading and renting among players. 

The main game will only be ready in Q3 2022 where more interactive aspects of the game like daily mission and PVE will be available. 

Players can also look forward to time-limited events and even championships in the future. 

Find out more about Poriverse here

Poriverse x Chain Debrief collaboration

As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver value to Chain Debrief’s Enlightened Rats holders, we’re so excited to announce our partnership with Poriverse!

We’re giving out a grand total of 30 IDO spots for Poriverse.

This time the community can join in for IDO WL too! There are a total of 13 tasks to be completed. Only Enlightened Rats holders are able to complete all 13 tasks.

Each IDO whitelist slot costs US$360 and will entitle the player to 20,000 $RIKEN token and up to 3 NFTs via gacha.

All EnRat holders stand a higher chance to win an IDO spot for Poriverse. What are you waiting for? Head on down to our Discord and complete the tasks now!