Over the past few months, crypto game guilds grown to become an essential element of GameFi. These gaming guilds help provide opportunities for players to enter play-to-earn games without the need to come out with any capital.

Guilds would raise money to buy NFTs and loan it out to players who do not want to or are unable to afford these gaming NFTs. These players, also known as scholars, would start earning rewards by playing the game and the guild would take a cut of the reward earned.

Numerous notable backers

Image Credit: Salad Ventures

To enable more gaming guilds to function more efficiently, Singapore based Salad Ventures raised a US$13.5 million in a private seed round to build GuildOS, a full-stack operating system for GameFi.

“For GameFi to succeed, robust infrastructure is essential. GuildOS will be a critical component to supporting the rapidly growing ecosystem of games, guilds and players in Web 3.0,”

 Brian Lee, Partner, Alameda Research

It is backed by an array of high-profile firms that include Alameda Research, Alan Howard and BH Digital, C2 Ventures, Foundation Capital, Gemini Frontier Fund, Winklevoss Capital, Crossbeam Venture Partners and Polygon Studios, among others.

This brings the total funding that Salad received to a grand total of US$15.5 million, up from the US$2 million seed round led by Multicoin Capital.

The first of its kind

Image Credit: Salad Ventures

“At Salad Ventures, we’re addressing this problem head-on by decentralizing the gaming guild model and developing a guild operating system that can interact directly with game APIs and blockchains, allowing game managers to coordinate multiple scholar accounts across different blockchain games.”

Felix Sim, Co-Founder of Salad Ventures and Project Lead

Salad’s flagship platform, GuildOS, will be the first of its kind to allow users to manage scholar accounts, wallets, private keys, and perform in-game actions such as “breeding” or “cloning” from a single dashboard across multiple games.

GuildOS is definitely a game-changer as even the most developed game tool can only provide a ‘read-only’ dashboard. This will help to address the multiple challenges that game guilds face and streamline the whole process of coordinating with multiple scholar accounts across different games.

Educating the masses

Image Credit Salad Ventures

Apart from GuildOS, the new funds will also help to scale its native education platform Salad Academy. It is a massive open online course (MOOC) focusing on play-to-earn blockchain games like Axie Infinity.

Launched in December 2021, over 6,000 users have signed up for courses at the academy. They also have an ongoing partnership with Project Galaxy to issue NFTs that certifies completion of the course.

Highly sought after

The successful fundraising should come as no surprise as GameFi is booming with many institutional capitals flooding the scene. In 2021 alone, more than US$4 billion have been poured into the GameFi sector as investors rushed to take a piece of the pie.

With many new games popping up every other day, game guilds struggle to manage their scholars and resources without a proper management system.

GuildOS is designed to address that gap in the market. The gold standard management suite will create new possibilities never before seen in play-to-earn and enable game guilds to scale across different games.

Being the front runner, GuildOS will definitely be a highly sought after product after its debut and also be an indispensable product in the GameFi ecosystem.

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