In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Shutterstock CEO Jon Oringer shared his thoughts on bitcoin and the overall blockchain industry.

Oringer, who is also the founder of a venture capitalist firm Pareto Holdings, revealed that he recently bought the bitcoin dip.

“I’ve bought some of the dip. I think it is an interesting time for cryptocurrency. I think these instruments are here to stay. As people and businesses figured out how to build infrastructure on top of blockchain, thats when it will become interesting,” Oringer told Bloomberg.

On top of that, Oringer also shared that he is bullish about the future of non fungible tokens (NFTs) and the blockchain technology as a whole.

“I think NFTs are super itneretsing. I think thats starting to legitimize some of the blockchain math that is out there and why it make sense. I think we are going to start to see more decentralized platforms be it for social media or other types of marketplaces built on blockchain. I think they have massive network effect today and it’s only getting stronger.”

Oringer joins a growing list of individuals and investors around the world who are purchasing and adding cryptocurrency into their portfolio.

Some other individuals include 2 shark tank investors Mark Cuban and Kevin Oleary, both of whom are actively pushing for more awareness of cryptocurrency.

Oringer and Mark Cuban most recently also invested in Mintable, an non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplace in a $13 million series A funding. The news was just announced yesterday.

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