Are you an MLBB player? Well this might be great news as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be releasing their very first collection: The Aspirants on Binance NFT marketplace on January 19.

The Aspirants Collection

The collection, published by NFKings, offers 12 unique mystery boxes of 4 different grades. It will mainly feature two of the game’s heroes: Layla and Fanny.

Each containing a digital figurine and exclusive animations of the character. There will be a total of 25,000 mystery boxes for 25 BUSD each or $25, and a user can only buy a maximum of 100 boxes.

Each mystery box also comes with a chance to win great in-game prizes. It will be available from January 19 to February 2 only.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang “The Aspirants” Layla and Fanny Skin

Limited in-skin giveaway

If you’ve happened to collect some higher ranking NFTs, here are some limited in-game skin that you’ll qualify for:

  • Collect 1 SSR NFT to qualify for the newly released “Miss Hikari” and “Blade of Kibou” in-game skins (Limited to 10).
  • Collect 2 different SR NFTs to qualify for the limited editions “Bunny Babe” and “Lightborn-Ranger” in-game skins (Limited to 10).
Layla and Fanny MLBB
(From left to right: Layla’s Bunny Babe skin and Fanny’s “Lightborn-Ranger”)
  • Collect 1 SR NFT to qualify for the limited edition “Lifeguard” and “S.A.B.E.R.Breacher” in-game skins (Limited to 10).
(From left to right: Layla’s “S.A.B.E.R.Breacher” skin and Fanny’s “Lifeguard”)

Exclusive emoji NFT airdrop

So let’s say you’ve had different combinations of NFT rarities, this gives you a chance to get an exclusive emoji NFT from the collection!

  • Collect 1 N, 1 R, 1 SR and 1 SSR to receive a random “Miss Hikari”or “Blade of Kibou” emoji NFT airdrop.

Collect all 12 different NFT characters

It doesn’t stop there, if you’ve managed to collect all 12 different editions of the NFT, you’re able to share a prize pool of US$20,000 BUSD.

However, you need to be one of the first 22 qualified participants to take home your share of the prize pool.

Image from: Binance NFT

About the game

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is currently one of the biggest multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile games in the world. Released in 2016 by Shanghai Moonton Technology Co. Ltd. The game brings a sense of teamwork and strategy in the community by featuring 5v5 battles against real opponents, destroying towers and claiming the enemy’s base.

MLBB Game map

Final thoughts

It’s crazy how the bigger players of the gaming industry are slowly adopting non fungible tokens. Do you think other game developers would start to join the bandwagon and release their own NFTs too?

Let us know if this MLBB NFT is something you would like to pursue.

Featured Image Credit: MLBB

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