Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum recently confirmed an airdrop for their native governance token, $ARB, with some users allocated over 10,000 tokens. Should $ARB achieve the same market capitalization as competitor Optimism’s $OP token, that would represent over US$6,000 in what is essentially free money.

NFT marketplace Blur’s recent airdrop was another major one that took crypto by storm, with the average allocation being 2,000 $BLUR tokens. At the time, $BLUR was trading $1.30 per token, and some users reported extremely low barriers to entry in order to be eligible for the airdrop.

With some users earning over 6 figures from airdrop hunting alone, here are 5 possible airdrop opportunities you may want to keep an eye out for the near future.

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First up is ZKSYNC, a fellow Layer 2 scaling solution that employs zero-knowledge rollups to verify transactions. With the launch of $ARB as well as Optimism’s $OP tokens being recently airdrop, speculations has turned to ZKSYNC for the next possible airdrop.

There are currently three 3 dAPPS on ZKSYNC for users to test out, which could possible be a factor for airdrop eligibility.

2. SUI

While the network has previously stated that there are currently “no plans for an airdrop”, I’d rather take my chances my participating on the network and possibly making myself eligible for any future SUI airdrops.

To increase your chances of being eligible for an airdrop, firstly download the Sui Wallet browser extension here.

Then, head over to their discord, and enter the devnet-faucet channel. Type in !faucet + your wallet address for free devnet gas tokens.

Return to your Sui Wallet and click on the “Apps” tab, and try to interact with as many of them as possible.

Take note, however, that Sui is currently in Devnet, and you may have to repeat these steps in testnet phase to qualify for potential airdrops.

3. Starknet

Starknet, similar to ZKSYNC, is an Ethereum scaling solution that also uses Zero Knowledge Proofs. While they are still in their alpha stage, the coming testnet could be a perfect opportunity for crypto users to participate on a new network while possibly making themselves eligible for an airdrop.

4. Layer Zero

Unlike ZKSYNC and Starknet, Layer Zero is a foundational layer, quite literally a L0, which aims to distribute infrastructure across its ecosystem. They have previously worked with projects such as Pendle finance to enable cross-chain functionalities.

5. Scroll

Scroll_ZKP is a fellow Ethereum scaling solution that relies on Zero Knowledge proofs for security. As scroll is also in its testnet phase, users can bridge ETH from the Goerli testnet in order to explore the blockchain for free.

Closing Thoughts

With both Optimism and Arbitrum recently airdropping tokens, all eyes are on the next Ethereum scaling solutions to possibly launch the next 5-figure airdrop. Moreover, many of these projects previously completed multi-million dollar raises from leading VCs, which could signal expansion despite the bear market.

However, participating on such networks should be done with haste. The Arbitrum airdrop, for example, decided on airdrop eligibility through a snapshot of users in February, and awarded extra points for users who continuously used their platforms, instead of spamming multiple transactions over a short period of time.

While there is no guarantee that any of these projects will proceed with an airdrop in the near future, or even that the above listed methods would make one eligible should an airdrop take place. However, bridging to new ecosystems and trying out new protocols are arguably always worth the time, especially if it’s still on testnet and incurs no gas fees.

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[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief