While you may have seen the occasional cryptocurrency exchange advertisement here and there, one platform has taken it a step further, going on an all-out campaign to bring cryptocurrency mainstream.

Crypto.com has quickly become one of most talked about cryptocurrency exchanges globally. Besides being an exchange, it also has various products, such as the Supercharger, and its very own Crypto.com card.

The Crypto.com Visa card is a prepaid card. Despite being linked to a payment provider (Visa), it’s not exactly a Debit/Credit card as it is not linked to your bank account (DBS/OCBC/UOB).

The best comparison would be a GrabPay MasterCard which is linked to a digital wallet (GrabPay). In this case, it would be your Crypto.com app wallet.


There are five tiers to the Crypto.com Visa card.

  • Midnight Blue
  • Ruby Steel
  • Royal Indigo & Jade Green
  • Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White
  • Obsidian
Crypto.com card
Card Tier Comparison Overview / Image Credit: Crypto.com

Comparison of Card Tiers

Card Tier Rewards Overview (Staked) / Image Credit: Crypto.com

Crypto.com rewards users with attractive benefits such as rebates on Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Expedia, Airbnb and Airport lounge access.

Spotify: 100% reimbursement of monthly subscription fees (USD 12.99)

Netflix: 100% reimbursement of standard monthly subscription – HD, two screens (USD 13.99)

Amazon Prime: 100% reimbursement of monthly subscription fees (USD 12.99)

Expedia: Up to 10% of each purchase with a limit of US$50 per month (USD 50)

Airbnb: Up to 10% of each purchase with a limit of US$100 per month (USD 100)

Note: This only applies when you have CRO Staked

Card Tier Rewards Overview (Unstaked) / Image Credits: Crypto.com

Breakdown of CRO rewards

Using the Crypto.com Visa card is simple. Contactless Visa PayWave payment at Point-Of Sale (POS) terminals and online payment — just like your normal Visa Debit/Credit card. Like cashback or points given out by Debit/Credit cards, you’re rewarded with CRO Tokens.

You are rewarded with units of CRO token equivalent to its value at that point in time.

Breakdown of CRO Rewards / Image Credit: Crypto.com

Which card tier has the best ROI?

In addition to existing card tier benefits, staking for Royal Indigo/Jade Green tiers* and above allow you to earn additional CRO rewards on a weekly basis.

TierCRO Staked ($SGD Equivalent)Interest on staked CRO – SGD (Weekly/Monthly)$1000 Monthly Spend (SGD)**Possible Cashback per Month*** ($SGD)ROI% after 6 months
Midnight Blue$0$0$10$10NA
Ruby Steel$500$0$20$36.9844.38%
Royal Indigo & Jade Green (10%* interest on staking p.a.)$5,000$10.41/$41.67$30$106.1312.74%
Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White (12%* interest on staking p.a.)$50,000$125/$500$50$587.457.05%
Obsidian (12%* interest on staking p.a.)$500,000$1250/$5000$80$5117.456.14%

**Note: Maximum annual spend is S$30,000 due to limitations imposed by Payment Services Act (PSA) in Singapore. Exclusions to CRO Rewards can be found here.

***Note: Cashback amount is in $SGD, including interest you earn from staking CRO. It does not consider possible monthly spending on Expedia & Airbnb.

Do take into consideration that ROI% shown in the table above assumes that the price of CRO doesn’t fluctuate much for six months.

Cryptocurrencies in general are very volatile assets and thus very unpredictable. Understanding the upsides and potential downsides are crucial to assessing risk.

Assuming that you have staked S$5,000 worth of CRO when each unit of CRO is worth S$2, you would be staking 2,500 units of CRO. At the end of your staking lock-up period (six months), you will be able to withdraw 2,500 units of CRO.

Hence, if each unit of CRO is now worth $SGD 2.50. Your 2,500 units of CRO would be worth $2500 x $2.50 = S$6,250. On the contrary, if each unit of CRO is now worth S$1.50; your 2,500 units of CRO would be worth S$3,750.

How to get a Crypto.com Visa card

You need to stake CRO tokens for a period of 180 days to apply for a Crypto.com Visa Card.

To do so, first sign up for a Crypto.com App account and complete the KYC verification. Next, purchase CRO tokens and deposit them into your Crypto Wallet in the App.

If you buy CRO directly in the App, then no action is required. The amount of CRO depends on the card tier you’re applying for.

Finally, go to the ‘Card’ tab in the App, select your desired Crypto.com Visa Card, tap the ‘Stake CRO’ button, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Now, all you need to do is wait for your card to be shipped.

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Take note that “CRO Stake” in the overview table refers to the holding of CRO (Crypto.com’s Native Token/Coin) in your Crypto.com App wallet for a period of six months (180 days).

Staking CRO
Image Credit: Crypto.com

Hence, to qualify for a Ruby Steel card, you would have to purchase S$500 worth of CRO either directly through Crypto.com via Fiat Wallet (StraitsX/XSGD) or other exchanges such as FTX. You would then proceed to stake that amount of CRO into your Crypto.com App wallet for six months.

How to top up your card

You can top up your card using your Fiat Wallet, Crypto Wallet, or credit/debit card in the Crypto.com App. Go to the ‘Card’ tab, tap ‘Top Up’, and select your preferred method.

Fees, limits and additional details

Crypto.com card
Crypto.com Visa Card Fees/Limits / Image Credit: Crypto.com
LimitsMidnight BlueRuby SteelRoyal Indigo/ Jade GreenFrosted Rose/ Icy WhiteObsidian
Local ATM Withdrawal LimitN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Card Balance LimitS$,5000S$5,000S$5,000S$5,000S$5,000
Annual Spend & ATM Withdrawal LimitS$30,000S30,000S$30,000S$30,000S$30,000
Free Overseas ATM LimitS$200S$400S$800S$1,000S$1,000
Perfect Interbank Rates Monthly Limit (0.5% Thereafter)S$2,000S$4,000S$10,000S$15,000Unlimited

Don’t want to use your Crypto.com Visa card anymore?

Contact crypto.com support team via in-app chat or email: [email protected] with the subject “Close Card”.

Note: There is a $50 processing fee if there is a balance on your Crypto.com Visa card and you wish to withdraw your funds.

You can obtain $CRO via the Crypto.com App or Exchange. 

If you have not signed up yet, click on this link to receive these benefits: 

(1) Crypto.com App: US$25 worth of CRO after you stake at least S$500 worth of CRO for 180 days 

(2) Crypto.com Exchange: Up to US$50 worth of CRO for staking either 5000 or 10000 units of CRO

Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief

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