It’s hard to build in Web3.0.

It’s even harder as an Asian woman in a male and western dominated space.

However, Nicole, who goes by 8SIANMOM on twitter, has exceeded all expectations, forging a brand that has reached tens of thousands of people.

And she has done this all while championing her values.

Our cultural roots are a part of our identity and it is our responsibility to preserve it for the next generations to come

Thankfully, the Co-Founder of 8SIAN has taken the time to share with us on how she began her journey into the Web3.0 space.

Her Journey Into Web3.0

Nicole’s journey started in 2013, after buying her first Chanel bag with money earned solely via crypto investments.

While the terms in Web3.0 seemed alien at first, she believed that nothing great comes without risks, and dove in head-first.

And while the crypto scene was doing well, there was another realm of possibilities with NFTs.

Identifying the need for cultural expression in Web3.0, she ventured into the NFT space to “celebrate and showcase Asian art and culture”.

Since then, her team at 8SIAN has launched four collections, including

  • 8SIAN MAIN COLLECTION (8,888 NFTs celebrating Asian Women)
  • THE GODDESSES (36 NFTs depicting Asian folklore and Mythology)
  • BESPOKE ARTWORK (7 1-of-1 pieces for artistry and philanthropy)
  • GENSIS HALLOWEEN ( 50 unique NFTs celebrating Halloween, 8SIAN style)

Image: 8SIAN Main Collection

They have also launched a “VIP GOLD PASS”, 888 exclusive NFTs that grant access to a private alpha group.

Lowering The Barriers

While Nicole has succeeded in Web3.0, she remembers the challenges she faced when starting off.

Image: 8SIAN Partnerships

Acknowledging this, she has been building the 8SIAN brand name whilst also managing a consultancy firm, 8CONSULTANT.

Her consultancy services include helping Web2.0 companies, project creation, community management, and more.

The Next Steps For 8SIAN

While the 8SIAN collection have cemented their place in the NFT world, they are not stopping anytime soon.

Instead, they are increasing both real world utility as well as venturing deeper into the metaverse.

8SIAN has partnered with major brands such as UNIQLO, a Japanese clothing company, Moralis Academy, a platform for Web3.0 education, and Stoned & Co, a high-end streetwear brand.

As part of their ongoing campaign for utility and education, 8SIAN has partnered with us to give additional rewards to holders who participate in NEXUS quizzes.

Those who complete the quiz with a 100% score and hold an 8SIAN NFT will be rewarded with 60% more tokens than regular participants.

The course includes:

  • The Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency
  • Building On Polygon
  • Understanding The Binance Ecosystem

(p.s. the quizzes are beginner-friendly)

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[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: ChainDebrief