The tech industry has long been labelled a man’s world.

While the percentage of women in the labor force has climbed over the decades, the metrics have remained low in tech.

These numbers are even more skewed in crypto, with less than 5% of crypto founders being women.

One group is seeking to change that – championing inclusivity and diversity within Web3.0.


In March 2022, 6 powerful women in Web3.0 came together to found UNTAM3d. Recognizing the need for a “psychologically safe space” to learn and build, they launched the collective in March 2022.

The founding members include:

  • Saranta Gattie (Head Of Learning, Uncommon)
  • Evelina Lye ( Head of Marketing Creators, Entertainment, Media and News APAC @ META)
  • Grace Clapham (Director Community partnerships APAC @ META)
  • Karen Lam (Leading project initiatives, leveraging new emerging technologies, previously VP Client Services @ HUGE)
  • Stephanie Dickson (Founder @ Green Is The New Black Asia)
  • Grace Astari (Creative Lead, Global COE @Diageo)


Taking inspiration from heroines such as Cleopatra, Qiu Jin, and Nakano Takeko, UNTAM3D champions “bold, strong, and uplifting values“.

UNTAM3D as a name, stood out to us because it embodies the values of having the audacity to fail, silencing the inner voice of self-doubt, leaving behind any fear of judgement and unveiling your fierce authenticity

The founders also mentioned several amazingly talented women that have inspired them. While not an exhaustive list, Katie Haun, Laura Shin, and Maliha Abidi are just some names that stand out to them.


According to a Guardian report, 73% of people in the tech world believe the industry to be sexist.

However, little is being done to address that.

With a mission to “activate one million women+ in APAC to claim their future in Web3“, UNTAM3D is pushing for more inclusivity within the space. (Women+ refers collectively to women and non-binary individuals.)

We looked at what was out there and realized there was very little being done to raise awareness and bring more representative voices into the space

They plan to do so by bringing more education and awareness and by creating opportunities for those in the collective to find opportunities or collaborate.

Creating a safe space for women to ask questions without feeling too intimidated is one of their first steps towards this.

It can be an effective catalyst for more diversity and inclusion

Breaking down social stigmas through content and education is also essential to achieving their goals. Furthermore, they are working with male allies “who can champion greater representation in the space

For the men in crypto who share in their vision, UNTAM3D mentions that “simply … sharing more about this space and how women, non-binary, and other minorities can get involved will be extremely effective.”

Ensuring women speakers are represented at events and creating a safe environment are also imperative to advancing Web3.0 culture.

Facing Challenges, Building Spaces

One of the defining features of Web3.0 is an ownership-based economy.

Thanks to this, both individuals and businesses are able to craft their own presence in the space, creating more immersive experiences.

Community and participation from the employees is even more important in Web3

And in those aspects, the fairer sex seems to have the upper hand.

Furthermore, with women being natural team players, discussions are able to progress measurably better in such a transparent and democratized landscape.

With the metaverse and NFTs so heavily community-focused, the “way in which women are nurturing and fostering” is adding real value.

Singapore’s first all-female NFT art exhibition

Especially in the NFT scene, where value is derived from participant’s vision and involvement, women have shown a strong ability to create and engage with those in the space.

Capitalizing on this, UNTAM3D has held several events that highlighted female-run initiatives or projects, and often host meet-ups where members can interact.

These include:

  • Monthly Web3 events
  • Local-city meet-ups
  • Decoding and curating information and activities through regular content
  • Amplifying women+ in the Web3 space
  • Connecting members

Recently, they brought Gen Z to the forefront, featuring Ava Soh and Ambassador of Ukraine to Singapore H.E. Kateryna Zelenko, to share about the fundraising NFT T-shirt worn by President Zelensky and why Web3 matters for Ukraine and social good.

Making Crypto Better, For Everyone

While making Web3.0 a better place for Women+ is their vision, UNTAM3D also advocates for igniting “more conscious and impactful ideas while driving critical mass adoption“.

With their founders coming from different professional backgrounds, they each bring a unique perspective to the table.

Users won’t use something because it’s decentralized – they will use it because it’s a better product… or solves a problem

The collective highlights that “user experience needs to become friction-free“, noting that institutional players are staying away due to poor user experience and headlines about bad actors.

Web3 tech needs to prove to the everyday person it’s just as good/better than Web2

That being said, a purposeful intent needs to be behind such paradigm shifts. Moving to greener, more effective, and more inclusive systems while advancing Web3.0 should be at the forefront of the movement.

UNTAM3D spotlights some projects that are doing just this, such as The Humanians, a socially conscious NFT collection, Oceanverse, which reinvests profits into conservation efforts, and the Crypto Climate Accord, which aims to make crypto greener by using renewable power.

Where Should Women Start In Web3.0?

The women in UNTAM3D have achieved undeniable success. By breaking social stigmas, they have excelled not only in Web2.0, but also Web3.0.

Despite this, they are on an unending quest to make crypto an inclusive space for all.

For those just starting out in the space, it may be wise to draw on their wisdom.

Be conscious as you embark on your Web3 journey and don’t just follow the hype

By doing your own research and finding projects that align with personal values and interest, you are bound to succeed in the space.

If you are still looking for a community to join, searching for a safe space to ask questions, or seeking to connect with women at varying stages of experience with Web3.0, UNTAM3D will always welcome you with open arms.

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[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: ChainDebrief