The crypto class of 2021 has introduced us to many new names.

But how many can say they have reached a large following and helped build a project – all while still in university?

Jowella can.

Also known as SpeicherX, the business student has journeyed from stocks to crypto, and eventually amassed a large following on Twitter. Thankfully, she has taken the time to share her thoughts on Web3.0, building for users, and her project, Coinhall.

Jowella’s Web3 Journey

Despite not having a tech background, Jowella was fascinated by the crypto scene, and how “appraisals can be purely through merit and hard work.” Getting out of her comfort zone, however, was a challenge.

“I had to kinda force myself out there”

Since then, she has grown to nearly 40,000 followers on Twitter and holds a voice in multiple communities.

Image: Jowella Speaking at Metajam Summit

However, one of those groups – the lunatics, took a huge hit following Terra’s collapse.

I think the losses both financially and vision-wise … I had to take a lot of time to overcome

While this sentiment was echoed across the community, they have turned it into a learning lesson and are coming back stronger.

Coinhall – Bridging Information Asymmetry

Recognizing that retail users may not have access to the same information as bigger players, Jowella is currently growing Coinhall.

Coinhall aims to aggregate price charts, analytics, asset information, and on-chain data.

“We aim to bridge the gaps of information asymmetry”

Looking to expand across the IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) Networks, they currently support

  • NEAR
  • Juno
  • Terra 2.0
  • Terra Classic

They will also be integrating portfolio tracking, community voting, trade alerts, as well as early access to new features on their site.

Building For People

With a background in business, Jowella has taken her expertise to building projects.

The current scene of Web3.0 is filled with poor user experience and often appeals to the same crowd. As she says, “my friends who are not in crypto do not know or even care about decentralized finance.”

So what needs to change?

Weigh out if the problem is big enough to be worth solving at all

Projects need to identify what they are solving and constantly adjust to market and community dynamics.

This is especially important for niche communities with a strong user base. Practicing good management, financial skills, and having a long-term point of view also help.

Of course, she also adds that marketing is one aspect that requires constant attention. With it being a $480 billion industry in the United States alone, the need for campaigning in crypto is often overlooked.

If Web3.0 were to onboard the next wave of users, it would require a successful application that could drive people into “the space, or the rabbit hole“.

She also notes this cannot be done by a Web2 simply adopting crypto or NFTs for the sake of it. “Companies trying to jump on the trend without fully understanding … and fixing the loopholes will not convince the open community“.

Media headlines on the space aren’t exactly helping, … but is it really the public’s fault if it just looks scammy and ludicrous at first glance?”

The Bright Road Ahead

At the end of the day, Jowella still believes that crypto has a role to play in the world.

I’m bullish and I believe the technology will stay evermore! There is such a strong impact and turnout. Visionary, very smart talents building daily as well. Super happy to be part and involved in the journey of Web3 or Web5

Web3.0 is a constantly developing, and fast-paced beast. Whether it be blockchain technology, smart contracts, NFTs, or something else, she is assured that crypto’s journey will be fruitful.

And with people like her, it seems like the journey will be a pleasant one.

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[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: ChainDebrief