In recent years, cryptocurrency has garnered much attention from people across the world. With the introduction of decentralized finance, enhanced security systems, and the revolutionary blockchain technology, cryptocurrency has emerged as a significant entity in the global financial landscape.

However, the cryptocurrency space come with a lot of unique technical terms and jargon that may seem intimidating to beginners just starting their crypto journey. Fortunately, certain exchanges and platforms offer “Learn and Earn” programs to help enthusiasts and novices master this intriguing world of web3.

As their name implies, these programs do not only provide knowledge to crypto enthusiasts but also serve as a means of extra income. In this article, we shall discuss extensively what “Learn and Earn” crypto programs are, highlighting the best versions of these programs that are currently available on various platforms.

What are Learn and Earn Crypto Programs?

The concept of “Learn and Earn” crypto programs originated from cryptocurrency exchanges seeking to promote their platforms by educating and engaging users. One of the pioneering exchanges in this approach was Coinbase, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States. 

In 2018, Coinbase launched its educational platform called Coinbase Earn. This platform aimed to provide users with an opportunity to learn about different cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects while earning rewards in those same cryptocurrencies for completing quizzes. 

This strategy motivated users to actively interact with the site while educating them about various cryptocurrencies.

Following the success of Coinbase Earn, many other exchanges and blockchain projects adopted similar Learn and Earn programs, such as Kraken Learn, CoinMarketCap Earn, Gemini Earn, and so on.

If you’re a crypto enthusiast looking to earn as you learn about crypto, check out the following 10 Learn and Earn programs.

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1. Coinbase Earn

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has been at the forefront of promoting crypto education through its Learn and Earn program known as Coinbase Earn. Launched in 2018, Coinbase Earn offers a wide variety of informative materials, primarily in the form of videos.

Since its launch, Coinbase Earn has paid out over $100 million in rewards to its users. The platform is available to users in more than 100 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea, and Taiwan, with Coinbase continuously adding more countries.

On Coinbase Earn, users can choose to learn about various cryptocurrency-related topics. They must complete quizzes to test their knowledge, and upon successful completion, they are rewarded with different cryptocurrencies, depending on the course.

As of this writing, the platform offers up to $3-$5 rewards in the form of GRT, AMP, SHPING, NEAR, and ACS per quiz.

2. Binance Academy

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, also has its own Learn and Earn program called the Binance Academy. Established in 2019, Binance Academy offers a wide range of comprehensive educational courses suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. 

The rewards on the learning platform vary depending on the course, ranging from 1 BUSD to 90,000 SHIB. 

However, it is worth noting that the incentives are restricted and redeemed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Rewards often arrive within 48 hours, and one might need to clear certain requirements in order to claim these rewards.

Additionally, the Binance Academy is available in multiple languages, making it accessible to a large number of people worldwide. All of the courses on the Binance Academy are currently available for free.

3. CoinMarketCap Earn

CoinMarketCap, a popular crypto tracking website, launched CoinMarketCap Earn in November 2020. The platform aims to educate users about various cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects while also offering an opportunity to earn those crypto assets as rewards.

This Learn and Earn program is usually in partnership with verified & emerging projects, including Solar, Oasis Network, Near Protocol, etc. After completing the lessons – in the form of videos, your knowledge will be tested in a quiz. Then you will receive your reward in the crypto you learned about.

CoinMarketCap Earn currently offers tokens, such as TRX, SXP, ROSE, NEAR, and several others on its website.

4. Robinhood Crypto Learn and Earn

Robinhood is a popular trading platform that enables investors to trade various assets, including cryptocurrencies. In December 2022, Robinhood announced a partnership with Avalanche and launched its first Learn and Earn course. This course provides users with knowledge about how Avalanche differs from other blockchains and offers them the opportunity to earn $AVAX. 

Upon successful completion of the course, users receive a $1 reward in AVAX token, which is immediately deposited into their wallet.

5. CoinGecko Earn

CoinGecko is a platform renowned for its extensive cryptocurrency statistics, market data, and price charts. This platform tracks data on nearly 10,000 coins across more than 700 crypto exchanges.

Similar to Robinhood, CoinGecko introduced its Learn and Earn crypto program in 2022. On the platform, users can be rewarded for studying courses on various topics, ranging from NFT, DeFi, Blockchain, GameFi, and Metaverse. Some of the available courses at the time of writing include “Best Crypto Security Practices” and “What is KyberSwap?”.

Upon completing your missions, you will be asked to take some tests. After the quiz, you will get your rewards and “candy” for taking the course.

6. Revolut Learn and Earn

Revolut is a digital banking and financial technology company that provides a broad range of banking services and financial solutions. The company recently launched its Learn and Earn program called Revolut Learn and Earn

This program is available to all of Revolut’s 18+ million users for free.  Users can currently earn up to $15 – in DOT and 1INCH –  by participating in the Polkadot course or the Crypto Basics course.

7. BitDegree Learn Drops

Next up on this list is BitDegree’s Learn Drops. BitDegree is an online learning platform that utilizes blockchain technology to provide courses and educational content on various topics, including programming, web development, and data science. 

In 2022, BitDegree introduced its BitDegree Learn Drops program. Daniellius Stasiulis, the CEO and Co-founder of BitDegree, expressed that BitDegree has partnered with Unstoppable Domains to compensate individuals who dedicate their time to studying cryptocurrencies and web3. 

As an incentive for continued learning and to attract new users to web3 through education, the companies have committed to provide up to $50 million worth of NFT domains to all BitDegree students who successfully complete any Web3-related course.

8. Cake DeFi Learn and Earn

Cake DeFi is a decentralized platform that offers various financial services and investment opportunities within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The platform rolled out its Learn and Earn program in October 2021.

The program allows users to earn small amounts of cryptocurrencies while learning about DeFi, crypto, and blockchain. Users can earn tokens such as BTC-DFI, DFI, and ETH-DFI, which are available to verified new and existing Cake DeFi users. 

However, the rewards earned cannot be withdrawn for the first month. Instead, they are sent to a freezer and locked for one month, during which time they will continue to generate yields.

9. Phemex Learn and Earn

Phemex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides high-quality trading services to both institution and individual traders. In addition to its trading features, Phemex offers a “Learn and Earn” program that educates users about cryptocurrencies while providing opportunities to earn rewards. 

Unlike other programs, users earn in fiat currency (specifically the US dollar), which will be sent to your Phemex account. You can then choose to invest it in your preferred cryptocurrency. Some of the courses offered at the moment include “Fiat Currency VS. Cryptocurrency?”, “How to Buy or Transfer Crypto on Phemex?”, “What are Crypto Derivatives (Perpetual Contracts)”, etc.

Final Thoughts 

Learn and Earn crypto programs serve as an excellent way to learn about new tokens and earn some money on the side. These initiatives undoubtedly provide safe and almost risk free ways to make money, but they should not be viewed as potential investment vehicles. For this reason, you should not consider them as reliable sources of income. 

In conclusion, these initiatives represent the crypto ecosystem’s charitable efforts to encourage people to genuinely learn about cryptocurrency. They are thus mostly intended for those who are interested in learning about cryptocurrency, with the token rewards serving merely as incentives. 

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[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: ChainDebrief

Author: Opeyemi Sule