Ever since the meteoric rise in popularity in the crypto world to the public eyes, we have seen the markets rallied and tumbled. We have seen from what used to occupy a small corner of the platform to hundreds of thousands of accounts sharing insights on the next gem in the space. Of course I am talking about Crypto Twitter (CT).

Over the last few years, digital currency talk on Twitter has revolutionised and impacted the industry largely. From influencers sharing personal views on the market, to those shilling pump and dump schemes to their followers, to the lesser known accounts sharing alphas, to those who voiced out their concerns with certain big name projects only to receive backlash and then be proven right, the list goes on.

The massive influx of news, memes and more that CT has contributed to the industry is invaluable, but figuring out which accounts to follow can be challenging as there’s just way too much information out there.

Fret not, because today I’ll share why these 4 accounts (in no particular order) are worth following on CT for alpha related content. These are my personal opinion and in no way a sponsored post.

Everyone wants alpha, and CT is one of the best platform where you can find gems before the public hype comes in.

1) 0xHamz

Starting off, 0xHamz is an anonymous Twitter user whom I respect largely with the best crypto frameworks on Twitter. 0xHamz used to work for Goldman Sachs and his knowledge in the financial markets speaks volume of his ability to interpret projects in a different light.

Here is a thread he did on what could happen to LUNA and Terra’s ecosystem back in January which played out almost perfectly.

0xHamz does the hard work of researching and always puts up statistics and data to back his argument up. Most often than not, he has been right. With these information, one can benefit from it monetarily either by profiting or limiting losses.

2) ZachXBT

Zach is most known as a detective in the crypto world. Think of it as on-chain Sherlock Holmes.

Zach has uncovered many dirty secrets in this industry such as crypto celebrities using their followers as exit liquidity. One such example was the expose of Crypto Banter.

Ran, founder of Crypto Banter, has repeatedly shilled projects of low market cap to his followers and used them as exit liquidity to profit from his purchase early on.

More often than not, buying into a token that a celebrity promotes will end up in shambles than in profits. The real reason why they chose to promote it was because they were paid to do so, not because they actually believe it is a good project.

It is almost a 100% guarantee that you’ll never profit from these calls as they were created with the goal of benefitting the developers and founders.

3) Altcoin Edge

Next, Altcoin Edge is the best account to follow for upcoming ICOs and IDOs. The team and the community puts in lots of effort to find promising projects where normal folks like you and me can widely benefit by entering early. Here’s a tweet of some of the big winners they called out in the past 1 year.

However, no one is perfect. They get calls wrong too but are actually humble enough to admit that it didn’t go as expected which is perfectly fine because no one person has a 100% track record.

Altcoin Edge Twitter
Image Credit: Altcoin Edge Twitter

Along with their Twitter account, they have a YouTube channel which is slightly more popular with 10.5k subscribers. No clickbait titles because they do not overpromise and underdeliver. That’s something you do not find in 95% of content creators today.

Concluding, given the quality content and rewarding calls consistently, they are truly a hidden gem that not many in this space know of that always deliver. And best of all? Everything is completely free.

4) Olimpio

Last but not least, my 4th choice is Olimpio Crypto. Olimpio discusses strategies to get airdrops and has a thread on it.

Airdrops are one of the best ways to increase the size of your holdings if you have a small capital. There are a few ways you can get your hands on these freebies and Olimpio is one of the best on CT sharing alpha ahead of time. These are all extra money making opportunities for free that anyone can capitalise on if you know how to.


These four crypto accounts to follow on Twitter are solely my own opinion and others may disagree.

I’ve learnt a great amount of information from them and always recommend them to anyone who wants quality content other than tweets that scream bullish 24/7 in any scenario.

If an account only shares bullish views despite the current state of the market, steer clear and as far as possible because more often than not, you will lose money following their advice.

[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief

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