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BTC rallies, are we back in the bull run?

Just three days ago, we saw a positive shift in the market as BTC rallied over 27%. Hopeium (crypto slang for hopes of a quick recovery and continued bull run) in the crypto community started to rise as we saw an explosive move upwards that caught many off guard. 

This sparked the global crypto currency market cap to US$2.27 trillion, a 2.7% positive change in the last 24 hours (at time of writing) raising the total cryptocurrency trading volume on the 30 March to $126 billion. 

Bitcoin dominance currently sits at 39.7% and Ethereum dominance now at 18.1%. The rest of the crypto market are also showing positive signs with Luna recently breaking it’s all time high and AVAX climbing back above US$100.

Bitcoin’s recent price strength pushed its 14-day RSI above 70 for the first time in over five months. Historical precedent favors the bulls here as average forward returns over the subsequent 30-90 days tend to be largely positive.” – DelphI Digital

At present, the fear and greed index, currently at 52, is on a neutral scale of the index. However, for the first time in four months, the index hit “greed” on the 28 March 2022. The last time the index reached the current position was when bitcoin reached a high of US$69,000 per unit last year on November 10, 2021.

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Luna breaking all-time highs, twice in two weeks

LUNA hit a new all-time high of US$109.9 and briefly overtook SOL as the 8th largest cryptocurrency in the market. 

The big push was largely due to the announcement made by Do Kwon, founder of Terra blockchain, that Luna Foundation Guard purchased US$135 million in Bitcoin. 

This further increased Luna Foundation Guard Bitcoin holdings to a grand estimate of US$1.32 billion. 

Terra’s total TVL also saw a sharp increase to a staggering total of US$29 billion. Anchor Protocol is still in the lead with US$15 billion TVL, up by 30% over one month.

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Here comes a new challenger

OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace on Ethereum, teased about an upcoming integration of the Solana blockchain. This long awaited move sparked positive sentiment across the NFT space. 

This expansion could see fierce competition as it challenges Magic Eden for Solana market share. 

Magic Eden is currently the leading NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain. In just six month, it was able to accomplish an amazing feat of capturing 95% of Solana’s NFT market share. 

Some of the popular Solana NFT collections include Solana Monkey Business, DeGods and Degen Ape Academy. Solana Monkey Business holds the top spot with a staggering 7d average price of 247 SOL, which is about US$29,600.

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