Hey Chain Debrief Community,

Looks like the market is down this week due to the higher than expected year-on-year CPI of 8.5%.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are in the red but they have shown signs of recovering. If they manage to break the descending trendline, I’m longing it.

Also If you missed the news, Fortnite creators Epic Games raised a staggering US$2 Billion to build their very own metaverse.

Looks like metaverse is not just a buzzword and this is the new space race. Both Sandbox and Decentraland need to buckle up as Epic Games will most likely take over the market.

Metaverse will be here sooner than later. So the big question is, are you ready for the metaverse?

Anyway, we just launch our very own earn and learn program called Nexus. Do check it out!

— Gab from Chain Debrief

Here are the market sentiments this week:

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The Nexus program enables users to learn at their own pace and receive tokens upon successful completion of the course. 

Currently, there are 3 different courses to choose from: Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency, Basic Investment Strategies in Crypto, and Terra Ecosystem.  

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