Hey Chain Debrief Community,

I hope you guys are well and took profit during last week’s rally. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are down this week with Bitcoin down by 7.4% and Ethereum by 4.5%. 

Somehow I knew that it was a dead cat bounce and I converted a large part of my portfolio into stables. Now armed with more bullets I’m ready to buy the dip. 

I’m keeping a close watch on NEAR and its ecosystem. It seems like it might blow up soon, but then again my calls are always wrong. 

Other than buying US$230 Million worth of BTC, Terra also announced the new curve 4pool. Not sure what is the 4pool? Do check out this week’s Market Debrief.

One of our writers turned a four-digit portfolio into almost six-digit. At one point he lost 70% of his portfolio due to bad investment. Do check out the article below to know how he did it. 

I don’t think I’m the only one excited about MetaJam Asia! If you didn’t know it is the first-ever physical NFT event spanning over 3 months. I can’t wait to attend my first NFT event!

— Gab from Chain Debrief 

Here are the market sentiments this week:

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🏆 We’re co-organizing MetaJam Asia 2022!

📣 We’re excited to announce that we’ll be co-organizing MetaJam Asia, an NFT exhibition and festival with the guys behind Invade (Artbox / Shilin) and Kult.

MetaJam Asia is a web3 experiential in-person festival spanning 3 months, featuring highlights from global NFT communities, brands and VCs.

MetaJam Asia is a venue to learn, explore, play and experience web3 in an interactive IRL environment; showcasing 7 immersive key installations and workshops.

Discover over 10,000 NFTs from around the world and what it means in sports, music, art and entertainment industries. 

Holders of the MetaPass will be entitled to priority and exclusive access at MetaJam Asia, and access to whitelists, giveaways and airdrops from our partners around the world, such as Karafuru, The Other Side, KaijuKingz, and more!

🕐 When: May – July 2022
📍 Located at: Tekka Centre

Take me to MetaJam!

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