Avalanche Summit is a conference for developers, researchers, and makers building on Avalanche in Barcelona, Spain from 22 to 25 March 2022.

Defi Kingdoms (DFK) is one of the projects that was invited to speak during the summit, and they dropped some great alpha on their upcoming expansion, Crystalvale. Coming out on the 30 March, here’s all you need to know to prepare you for launch day.

DFK chain

Arguably the most exciting feature regarding their expansion is DFK getting their own subnet, DFK chain.

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Built on the Avalanche C-Chain, DFK chain allows users to pay for gas fees with their native token, $JEWEL. This follows in the footsteps of Axie Infinity, which moved from the Ethereum Network to the Ronin sidechain.

Being able to not hold another gas token, faster transaction times, and cheaper fees are all very welcome features.

Half of the $JEWEL used for transactions will be burnt. The remainder will be split between validators and a new quest fund.

The team also announced partnerships with the following protocols:

  1. Ramp — Direct Fiat on-ramp
  2. BenQi Finance — Borrowing and Lending
  3. DopeX — Options Vaults
  4. Synapse — Cross-Chain Bridging

As the team continues their cross-chain vision, they will be building outposts that can connect to protocols both on Avalanche as well as other networks.


Quests will be the main system where players can battle with their heroes, unlocking new areas as they level up.

The combat system looks to be turn-based, emulating popular games such as Final Fantasy. As mentioned previously, heroes in groups of three can be sent out to fight monsters for rewards and possibly $CRYSTAL, the in-game token on Avalanche.

Mini-games like Hero Duels will also be available. Rankings for Mini-games and other statistics such as a number of bloaters caught can be tracked on leaderboards with top scorers getting exciting prizes.

Hero Contests would be another key event in Crystalvale, where Perilous Journey survivors (Heroes that participated in a one-time event) can battle for land.

Pets are perhaps one of the most anticipated features. While their abilities are still largely unknown, Dreamer announced that pets could venture between DFK and other games. Imagine a Cradaba NFT being your pet in DFK!

Three new Hero Classes will also be available. While the first two are titled “Seer” and “Berserker”, the last one was left unknown for DFK players to discover. Users will also be able to bridge heroes between Serendale (DFK on Harmony) and Crystalvale at some point in the future.

Expanding further

While DFK already has more than 20,000 active users, the team hasn’t stopped looking to further its reach.

In partnership with AVA labs, they have prepared US$15 million in incentives. These will come as airdrops to DFK users, participants within the Avalanche Network as well as DEX boosted rewards.

This means players of other games such as Crabada or even those who use Trader Joe and Pangolin frequently will receive some tokens, something that is sure to bring even more players in.

DFK will also now support the Coinbase Wallet for in-game transactions. Not only that, but they are also partnering with Coinbase to help gamify DeFI for its 90 million users.

This could not only onboard millions more onto the game, but also possibly hints at a CEX listing.

How to participate in Crystalvale

While most of the actual game mechanics are not yet out, one thing is for sure. You will need $CRYSTAL to participate.

At launch, JEWEL-xJEWEL will be the only incentivized LP pair. $xJEWEL is the staked, value-accruing version of $JEWEL and will earn rewards on both networks

The team will then roll out blue-chip pairs such as $ETH or $BTC. Stablecoin pairs will be further down the line.


While I was always bullish on the DFK team for their ability to ship amazing products, this takes the cake.

Not only because of their subnet and key partnerships, but also their strong cross-chain vision. They have even included going cross-metaverse, eventually including other games and protocols.

With their hunger for expansion and a vision to make DeFI protocols easier for everyday users, DFK looks poised not just to take part in DeFi, but to take over.

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