FTX’s CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, more commonly known as SBF, has been active on Twitter following the implosion of his exchange. Unlike others, who have vanished or deleted their accounts following exposés, SBF has continued to tweet about the current situation.

Known for his lengthy threads, SBF only tweeted “1) What” this time, which left many Twitter users pondering whether he would continue.

However, one Twitter user noticed that SBF’s total tweet count had remained the same, despite him eventually continuing his thread.

With a total 10 tweets that spelt out “What Happened”, SBF’s tweet count remained at 21088, instead of increasing.

Twitter users @ercwl and @deor noticed that SBF was doing possibly to mask his deletion of previous tweets.

By tweeting slowly and methodically, bots tracking his feed would not detect that he was deleting old tweets, as the total amount of tweets would be constant.

However, user @cms_intern dug deep, and realized that this was not the case.

In fact, most of the tweets being deleted were those that others had posted, and SBF had retweeted.

Ironically, many of them belonged to NFL superstar Tom Brady, who stands to lose more from FTX than he will earn from playing this year.

In light of the possibility that SBF may delete his tweets, some users have gone to document his entire history.

This includes tweets that Sam has retweeted, as well as previously-deleted tweets from the account.

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Featured Image Credit: Chaindebrief