Navigating the latest expansion of DeFi Kingdoms

Map of Crystalvale, the latest Defi Kingdoms’ expansion. Image Credits: Defi Kingdoms

Welcome traveler! After a long and dangerous journey, you’ve finally made it to Crystalvale. As with traveling to new places, you will require a new currency of course.

As Crystalvale is on the DFK Avax Subnet, you might be mistaken and think that AVAX will be the currency to use here. However, JEWEL is used for all transactional needs on the game.

What can you do in Crystalvale?

Step off the docks and you will be greeted by Veigar Wavestrider the Dockmaster. He will be your go-to for any transportation needs, such as bridging, as well as travelling back and forth between Serendale and Crystalvale.

Through the Dockmaster, you can access Synapse, Harmony and even the Terra bridge.

Image Credits: Defi Kingdoms

Heading up north takes you to the main marketplace, where you can head over and talk to the Trader NPC (the DEX) and buy seeds from the Druid (add liquidity). The Vendor Eevi is still busy setting up her store, so stay tuned for more.

A look at Crystalvale’s Marketplace. Image Credit: Defi Kingdoms

Head up north west and you will see Helga Frost-Thumb, the CareTaker of the Garden here. JEWEL has a unique energy and forms crystal when encased in ice.

In other words, you can currently deposit LP of xJEWEL-JEWEL, earning you CRYSTAL where you can deposit with the jeweler for xCRYSTAL.

Image Credit: Defi Kingdoms

Farming mechanics

Emissions will begin on March 31st, 10pm SGT. The APR will only be known on the emission day itself. A CRYSTAL airdrop is also available for users that staked their LP before emission has started, so don’t miss the opportunity.

Their emissions details and instructions can be found on their Twitter here:

Credit: @DefiKingdoms on Twitter

At the center of the new map is the Cradle, a sacred ground. Upon entering, you will be greeted by Elder Anika and Zinra the Dragon protecting the main crystal.

There is currently nothing to do here but expect new updates and events to take place on the Cradle eventually.

Perhaps a sneak peek of what is to come? Image Credit: Defi Kingdoms

And finally at the far end is the jeweler on the side of the mountain, who will take care of our precious CRYSTALs and provide us xCRYSTALs. Staking your CRYSTALs with the jeweler earns ⅓ of the generated trading fees earned.

Image Credit: Defi Kingdoms

What’s next?

The DeFi Kingdoms team did tease certain other features for Crystalvale that we expect to be unveiled soon: direct fiat on-ramp with Ramp, borrowing and lending of tokens with Benqi and the options vault with Dopex.

Other Hero classes that were teased are also in the horizon, namely the “Seer” class and “Berserker” class.

I do expect these features to be rolled out as soon as possible in order to promote more DeFi mechanics and make the gameplay more interesting over time.

Overall, DFK has had a good start and seem to be carrying its momentum with its new expansion well – I am staying tuned for more.

Featured Image Credit: DeFi Kingdoms

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