Fantom has been a popular hit amongst investors with the latest news of Felix exchange and Andre’s new ve (3 3) project.

Let’s take a look at how to bridge to the native Opera Network. 

Setting up MetaMask:

If you haven’t already, you need to set up a hot wallet. Alternatively, you can use a ledger. For those using MetaMask, you can add it via two methods. 

  1. Network Name: Fantom Opera 


ChainID : 250 

The Currency Symbol and Block Explorer URL is not really necessary. 

  1. Go to and search up Fantom. You will see two options, Fantom Opera and Fantom Testnet. Connect to Fantom Opera and ChainList will set up the RPC automatically for you. 

Bridging comparisons

FromTo BridgeSpecial Notes
Ethereum FTM cBridge, MultiChain, SpookySwap, AnySwap, xPollinate, Synapse, AllbridgeAll of the bridges are good. Note that fees are high when bridging from ETH because of gas
Binance Smart Chain FTMcBridge, MultiChain, SpookySwap, AnySwap, xPollinate, Synapse, AllbridgeBSC is a great network for bridging. Bridging stables are easy also
SolanaFTMWormhole -> SynapseSOL is a bit awkward to bridge to, but Wormhole helps to fix that problem
TerraFTMTerra -> Harmony -> SynapseTerra is also a bit awkward to bridge from, but Terra bridge assisted with others solves this
AvalancheFTMcBridge, SpookySwap, AnySwap, xPollinate, Synapse, AllbridgeAVAX is not bad to bridge from, has a lot of cross compatible chains
PolygonFTMcBridge, xPollinate, Synapse, AllbridgeDecent routing
Crypto.comFTMEvoDeFiLeast friendly bridge, very troublesome to route funds
NEARFTMAurora Allbridge -> Terra with UST -> WormholeNot very easy to bridge, need to activate wallet also
AuroraFTMAllbridge to Terra -> Terra to Harmony -> SynapseNot very easy to bridge also, Rose for UST has highest liquidity
CosmosFTMTerra to Harmony -> SynapseNot easiest, but basically just bridge to Terra first
HarmonyFTMcBridge, MultiSwap, Synapse, AnySwapEasy to bridge, generally quite low fees
ArbitrumFTMcBridge, SpookySwap, AnySwap, xPollinate, Synapse,Gas is very high, not recommended to bridge from this network
OptimismFTMcBridgeGas is very high, not advisable

Quick bridging demo

Sample Bridge used is from SpookySwap. You need to go to the website: 

You will see a page that allows to bridge to and from Fantom Opera. In this example we will be using Binance Smart Chain to Fantom. (Note that SpookySwap is powered by MultiChain)

If you are trying to save on funds, it is advisable to try out different bridges and see which one suits you best. In addition, do note that bridging large amounts can sometimes take a few days.

Please check before bridging. To bridge, simply select the type of currency you wish to bridge for the networks, enter quantity and bridge. 

Bridge links 

Bridging can take a few minutes to a few hours

The fee for bridging to Fantom Opera is either free or around US$1, depending on the token. The fee for bridging out of Fantom Opera ranges $1 ~ 0.1% of funds being bridged, depending on the token.

You also receive the same token you bridge









Rainbow Bridge:


Terra Bridge:

Harmony Bridge:

Featured Image Credit: Crypto Slate

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