I remember the first time I came across Andrew Tate.

While scrolling through TikTok mindlessly, I had to pause for a second when I saw a man in sunglasses, indoors, spewing controversial comments. Though I’ll leave the contents of what he was saying aside for now, one thing really stood out to me – his demeanour.

Despite his controversial message, Tate managed to deliver his point of view clearly, with what seemed like empirical evidence to back it up, much like any great salesman would.

Unsurprisingly, I eventually discovered that the self-proclaimed billionaire sold courses on how to get rich, with one class entirely dedicated to crypto.

Being an extremely poor brokie and still praying for my 1000x in Web3, I instantly took out my card, paid the $50 subscription fee, and began my education at Hustler’s University.

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Andrew Tate’s Guide To Escaping The Matrix

Signing up, I genuinely had my bar on the ground, as “Cobra” Tate isn’t exactly well known for his crypto endeavors.

However, I was still let down upon entering his site, which was basically a Discord fork with his classes as channels.

Image: The Real World

These channels were separated into 3 main chats, namely “Positive Masculinity”, “Personal Finance” and “Fitness”, which suited the Tate brand to a T.

While I initially braced myself for a flood of misogynistic comments, what awaited me was instead streams of encouragement and advise from “students” to motivate one another.

Students were also encouraged to take accountability for their actions and to admit when they did not achieve the goals they set out for themselves.

Image: The Real World

Once you complete the introduction and a quick tour, you’re prompted to choose from one of five skills to learn: Copywriting, Freelancing, E-commerce, stocks, and crypto.

Of course, we had to escape the Matrix straight into the world of Web3.

What Does Hustler’s University Teach About Crypto?

Much to my dismay, neither Tate nor his brother teaches the course. Instead, it’s helmed by someone called Adam, who begins with an introduction to crypto fundamentals.

Image: Adam from Hustler’s University

The course is segmented into four different sections, with each section then split into individual lesson such as “Trading Basics” and “Decentralized Apps”.

After completing a section, you then have to up to 12 quizzes on the lesson in order to pass it and unlock the next section.

Honestly the best way I’ve seen Demand and Supply described

These lessons are VERY LONG. And when I say very, I mean VERY. Considering that each quiz had 3-5 questions, you had to answer OVER 200 questions to complete just the introduction.

Did I mention that getting one question wrong restarts the whole lesson?

And that’s if you didn’t watch the video lectures in each “lesson”, which often are 15-20 minutes long.

Image: The Real World

While 99% of the questions were mind-numbingly simple if you had any experience at all in tradfi/crypto, the awkward phrasing of some coupled with the SHEER NUMBER of questions almost drove me to quit multiple times.

So I went to watch an Andrew Tate video for some motivation.

“The temporary satisfaction of quitting is outweighed by the eternal suffering of being a nobody”

-Andrew Cobra Tate.

Alright, powering through I guess.

Image: The Real World

Some of the questions, however, REALLY tested my willpower.

For example, these were two questions in the “investing” lesson:

Q1: When is the best time to sell your altcoins?

A1: At the end of a bull market

Q2: When is the best time to be exposed to altcoins?

A2: At the end of a bull market

So I’m supposed to sell my entire altcoin bag and and somehow immediately reallocate to a new set of altcoins?

Another example:

Q: Which is true?

A) The Larger the “TVL”, the lower the APR

B) The APR fluctuates over time

C) Compounding can be done automatically by the smart contract

D) All of the above

The answer was D – all of the above. While it’s generally true that TVL dilutes APR, a larger TVL could also indicate more usage, which transfers to more borrowing, and therefore higher APRs.

Such blanket statements were not what I was expecting from the critical thinkers in “The Real World”.

If That’s The Real World, Take Me Back To The Matrix

One thing became clear after awhile.

While some of the lessons were clearly well titled and informative, it barely teaches you anything about investing, nor cryptocurrency, nor DeFi.

Image Courtesy: The Real World

Although some courses promise that they will literally teach you how to “print money”, they offer little to no education on, for example, how to discover a trending smart contract, or look for the next big token.

Instead, they give generic insights like “Arbitrum ecosystem pumping” or “Capture some pump and get the f*** out of the market“.

Furthermore, most “students” in Hustler’s University are beginners in cryptocurrency, and understandably so. However, this means that most of the questions revolve around “How do I set up a Binance account”, or “Should I use this indicator for my trades?”.

Arguably, the only time I enjoyed Hustler’s University was when I tried to unsubscribe from the course.

While many services try to convince you to stay someway or another, this one had a 6-minute long video featuring Andrew Tate posing beside bags of Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, and a bottle of sparkling water – just a final reminder that you’re poor.

He then speaks to you, telling you that you know you’re a loser and lecturing you on never following through with your goals.

So I followed through with my goal and clicked the unsubscribe button, which was labelled “I GIVE UP”.

Closing Thoughts

All in all, Andrew Tate’s course wasn’t terrible for a beginner.

In fact, I even learned some stuff. The knowledge that blockchains are similar to linked list data structures probably won’t ever be useful, at least I didn’t waste all my money.

What I did waste, however, was a lot of time. Most of crypto can’t be learnt in classes, or at least these classes.

At the end of the day, Hustler’s University was just a paid signals group, and not a very good one at that. Most of the calls were recommended for SPOT trading and underperformed Bitcoin’s 2x since the start of the year.

Overall, I’d give the course a 3/10 for the pure effort that went into the videos.

But if you have to get lessons from Andrew Tate (or in this case, Adam) for crypto, then you’re probably NGMI.

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[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: ChainDebrief