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Stablecoin supply rises amidst bear market sentiments

Stablecoin rising amidst bear market
Source: DelphiDigital

Despite the fear, uncertainty and doubt evident in the market, stablecoin supply has grown by US$5.3 billion over the past month.

USDC in particular saw a massive surge of US$5.3 billion in supply in Jan while USDT only grew by US$700 million. This can be a sign of money entering the markets as more USD gets used to mint stablecoins.

MakerDao profits soar from mass liquidation

Source: Dune Analytics

Earlier this week there was a massive crypto sell-off and the whole market was in a sea of red. Cryptocurrency fell over 14% and triggered liquidation events all over the DeFi space. 

MakerDAO, one of the top lending protocols, collected over US$17 million in liquidation revenue. This liquidation event helped MakerDAO to boost the overall revenue and it hit a new all-time high. 

When a position is liquidated, a liquidation penalty is charged as a percentage of the debt. The vault would then use the liquidation income to buy back and burn its native token $MKR to increase the value of the token. 

Altcoins seeing green: MATIC up 10%

Similar price increases are evident in Cardano, Solana, Shiba Inu, Ripple, and Chainlink. More impressive gains came Dogecoin (8%), Avalanche (9%), MATIC (10%), CRO (8.5%), and NEAR (12%).

The lower-mid caps also showed similar strength. The most significant gainer on a daily scale was Waves (40%), followed by LRC (17%), GALA (15%), HNT (14%), SCRT (13%), ENJ (13%).

The cryptocurrency market cap now stands at US$1.7 trillion, which means that the metric is up by US$200 billion since the monday, 24th January.

Solana network instability

Solana, one of the largest blockchains, often known as the “Ethereum killer”, suffered a major network outage that lasted more than eight hours. Users were unable to submit transactions on the blockchain due to high level of network congestion.  

This resulted in a flurry of liquidations as users are unable to repay their debts in time and their position got liquidated. Inevitably, Solana dropped more than 38% and lost more than US$1 trillion in market value.

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This article was written by Gabriel Sieng and Joel Zhao.

Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief

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