Key Takeaways:

  • Near Protocol announces partnership with Google Cloud and Near Protocol
  • Google Cloud will assist with infrastructure development for developers
  • NEAR has seen a 4x in developer count recently, according to one report

In an announcement today (4th October), the NEAR Foundation announced a new partnership with Google Cloud and Near Protocol to accelerate Web3.0 start ups,

The partnership allows NEAR grant recipients to receive technical support from Google Cloud, allowing them to scale their projects and dAPPS.

“This partnership marks a new chapter for us as we continue to offer the best support possible for the next generation of visionaries choosing to build on the NEAR protocol.”

Markie Flament, CEO of NEAR Foundation

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Exponential Growth With Google Cloud

With more than 800 projects now building on the NEAR protocol, it is one of the few networks that has seen steady growth despite the bear market.

Image Courtesy: Defillama

Google will help to further this, assisting them with infrastructure development, allowing developers to “deploy code quickly, securely, and seamlessly.

As one of the youngest and most vibrant protocols by developer count, the Google Cloud partnership will be a great boon to the ecosystem.

In fact, NEAR protocol has recently grown 4x in number of developers, according to a recent report by Electric Capital.

The network has concurrently seen strong user growth, with over 20 million accounts currently. It is also home to approximately 300,000 – 400,000 transactions per day, catching up quick to Ethereum.

The Season For Partnerships

It seems that more companies are starting to view Web3.0 more favorably in the bear market.

From Walt Disney to Starbucks, the worlds of Web2.0 and Web3.0 are colliding with increasing frequency.

Despite confident regulation and depressed prices, the flurry of partnerships seems to herald good things for the premise of Web3.0.

With the air cleared of cash-grabs, the space has opened up for projects to find their footing in the real world.

As more traditional companies dip their toes into the metaverse and cryptocurrency, the path for education widens. With fear and the barriers to entry regarding Web3.0 crumbling, these partnerships may just be the gateway to a more wholesome, vibrant, and inclusive crypto ecosystem.

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Featured Image Credit: NEAR Protocol