Pendle,a decentralized yield tokenization protocol, has integrated support for two titans of the Real-World Assets (RWA) sector: MakerDAO’s Boosted Dai Savings (sDAI) and Flux Finance’s fUSDC. This strategic move enables users to tap into the booming potential of RWA yields, propelling Pendle into the spotlight as a key player in this fast-growing sector.

The fundamental concept behind real-world asset (RWA) tokenization revolves around establishing a virtual investment mechanism on the blockchain that is linked to tangible assets such as real estate, precious metals, artworks, and collectibles.

For DeFi, this would mean on-chain access to traditional finance instruments such as the U.S. Treasury Bonds, and the chance to deploy these tokenized assets for use in Dapps.

TN Lee, the Co-founder and CEO of Pendle, shared, “Fixed Yield and RWA have some of the largest addressable markets that remain untapped in DeFi. I firmly believe these will play a key role in attracting huge, offchain institutional investors onchain. Yes, RWA is already in DeFi, and now Pendle is able to offer a suite of tools that lets you properly hedge or manage these yields. Interest rate derivatives, swaps, fixed income…all these products that TradFi institutions love, they’re already here.”

Pendle’s unique value proposition extends to both retail and institutional clients, offering an easy-to-use platform to manage yields on-chain. These functionalities not only enhance users’ ability to navigate the dynamic DeFi environment, but also unlock the full capital potential of their assets. Now, that support has extended to the burgeoning realm of RWA.

RWA is already making waves, with its growth trajectory pointing skyward. It’s a sleeping giant in the world of DeFi, and Pendle with their strategic maneuvers and forward-thinking approach, is not just ready for it – they’re leading the charge.

Pendle Secures Investment from Binance Labs to scale DeFi Opportunities

Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubator arm of cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance, announced yesterday that they have invested an undisclosed amount with Pendle Finance in order to “Scale DeFi Yield Opportunities and Drive Adoption for LSDfi”

The announcement follows Pendle’s successful listing on Binance, which saw the already industry-leading project propelled to new heights.

“Binance Labs is always looking for projects that are spearheading innovation in DeFi sectors that will enable access to a wider audience. Pendle Finance’s focus on multi-chain expansion and innovative yield strategies align with our vision for the future of DeFi. We look forward to working closely with Pendle Finance and supporting their journey of reshaping the DeFi landscape towards a more inclusive ecosystem” commented Yi He, Co-Founder & Head of Binance Labs. 

Concurrently, Pendle has since expanded not only to the BNB Chain, but also to the Optimism Network, where they qualified as an Optimism Grants Finalist.

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[Editor’s Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Please do your research before investing.]

Featured Image Credit: Chain Debrief