The Singapore high court has come to a decision on matters regarding 3AC’s (Three Arrows Capital’s) assets. The disgraced crypto hedge fund, whose founders are “nowhere to be found”, has had liquidators chasing after them since their collapse.

Teneo, 3AC’s court-appointed liquidator, has been granted access to all of their locally-held financial records.

This will include bank accounts, cryptocurrencies, stakes in companies, and properties. The founders own an SGD$48.8 million bungalow, as well as other properties and a mega yacht.

Image: Su Zhu, alongside his Bungalow via vulcanpost

The filing was originally done in the British Virgin Islands, and was recognized by a court there.

At the time of writing, Teneo has gained control of at least $40 million of 3AC’s capital assets so far – as reported by Coindesk. However, these are only a small amount compared to the almost $3 billion in creditor claims.

At the time of writing, neither Su Zhu nor Co-Founder Kyle Davies has issued a statement.

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Featured Image Credit: Coindesk